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National Water Summary on Wetland Resources (WSP 2425)
National Water Summary 1990-91--Hydrologic Events and Stream Water Quality (WSP 2400)
National Water Summary 1988-89--Hydrologic Events and Floods and Droughts (WSP 2375)
National Water Summary 1987--Hydrologic Events and Water Supply and Use (WSP 2350)
National Water Summary 1986--Hydrologic Events and Ground Water Quality (WSP 2325)
National Water Summary 1985--Hydrologic Events and Surface Water Resources (WSP 2300)
National Water Summary 1984--Hydrologic Events, Selected Water Quality Trends, and Ground-Water Resources (WSP 2275)
National Water Summary 1983--Hydrologic Events and Issues (WSP 2250)
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