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2015Scheiderich, K., Amini, M., Francois, R., Holmden, C. Global variability of chromium isotopes demonstrated by Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic Ocean samples Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 423, 87-97, 2015.
2014Ryan, B., Kirby, JK., DeGryse, F., Scheiderich, K., McLaughlin, M. 2014. Environmental Science and Technology, Copper isotope fractionation during equilibration with natural and synthetic ligands, 48, 8620-8626.
2013Ryan, B., DeGryse, F., Kirby J., Harris, H., Mclaughlin, M., Scheiderich, K. 2013. Copper speciation and isotopic fractionation in plants: uptake and translocation mechanisms. New Phytologist 199, 367-378.
2011Zerkle, A., Scheiderich, K., Maresca, J.A., Liermann, L., Brantley, S.L.,  2011. Molybdenum isotope fractionation by cyanobacterial assimilation during nitrate utilization and N2 fixation. Geobiology 9, 94-106.
2010Billups, K., Scheiderich, K., 2010. A synthesis of late Oligocene through Miocene deep sea temperatures as inferred from foraminiferal Mg/Ca ratios, Int. Assoc. Sedimentol. Spec. Publ. 42, 1-15.
2010Scheiderich, K., Helz, G.R., Walker, R.J., 2010. Century-long record of Mo isotopic composition in sediments of a seasonally anoxic estuary (Chesapeake Bay). Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 289, 189-197.
2010Scheiderich, K., Zerkle, A., Helz., G.R., Farquhar, J., Walker, R.J., 2010. Molybdenum isotope, multiple sulfur isotope, and redox-sensitive element behavior in early Pleistocene Mediterranean sapropels, Chem. Geol. 279, 134-144.
2004Rosenthal, Y., S. Perron-Cashman et al., 2004. Laboratory inter-comparison study of Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca measurements in planktonic foraminifera for paleoceanographic research, Geochem., Geophys., Geosyst., doi:2003GC000650.