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2017Chuang, P.-C., Young, M.B., Dale, A.W., Miller, L.G., Herrera-Silveira, J.A., Paytan, A., 2017, Methane fluxes from tropical coastal lagoons surrounded by mangroves, Yucatán, Mexico: J. Geophys. Res. Biogeosci., 122, 1156-1174. [get publication]
2016Chuang, P-C., Young, M.B, Dale, A.W., Miller, L.G., Herrera-Silveira, J.A., Paytan, A., 2016, Methane and sulfate dynamics in sediments from mangrove-dominated tropical coastal lagoons, Yucatan, Mexico: Biogeosciences, 13, 2981-3001. [get publication]
2016Katherine M. Ransom, Mark N. Grote, Amanda Deinhart, Gary Eppich, Carol Kendall, Matthew E. Sanborn, A. Kate Souders, Joshua Wimpenny, Qing‐zhu Yin, Megan Young, Thomas Harter. (2016), Bayesian nitrate source apportionment to individual groundwater wells in the Central Valley by use of elemental and isotopic tracers, Water Resources Research, 52, pg 5577-5597, doi: 10.1002/2015WR018523
2015Kendall, C., Young, M.B., Silva, S.R., Kraus, T.E.C., Peek, S., and Guerin, M., 2015. Tracing nutrient and organic matter sources and biogeochemical processes in the Sacramento River and Northern Delta: proof of concept using stable isotope data. U.S. Geological Survey, Data Release: ; and online 109 page report: [get publication]
2015Lehman, P.W., Kendall, C., Guerin, M.A., Young, M.B., Silva, S.R., Boyer, G.L., and Teh, S.J. (2015) Characterization of the Microcystis bloom and its nitrogen supply in San Francisco Estuary using stable isotopes. Estuaries & Coasts, 10.1007/s12237-014-9811-8, p. 1-14.
2014Kendall, C., Doctor, D.H. and Young, M.B. (2014) Environmental Isotope Applications in Hydrologic Studies. In: Holland, H.D. and Turekian, K.K. (eds.) Treatise on Geochemistry, Second Edition, vol. 7, pp. 273-327. Oxford: Elsevier.
2013Kendall, C., Doctor, D.H., and Young, M.B. (2013) Environmental Isotope Applications in Hydrologic Studies, in Drever, J.I., Ed., Surface and ground water, weathering, and soils: Treatise on Geochemistry, vol 5, 115p (single-spaced!), and 19 figures, Elsevier, in press.
2013McLaughlin, K., Young, M.B., Paytan, A., and Kendall, C. (2013) The oxygen isotope composition of phosphate: a tracer for phosphate sources and cycling. Application of Isotope Techniques for Assessing Nutrient Dynamics in River Basins. IAEA-TECDOC-1695 (ISBN: 978-92-0-138810-0), 93-110.
2010Kendall, C, Young, M B, and Silva, S R, 2010, Applications of stable isotopes for regional to national-scale water quality monitoring programs; chapt 5: Springer, p. 89-111.
2010Zohar, Iris, Shaviv, Avi, Young, Megan, Kendall, Carol, Silva, Steve, and Paytan, Adina, 2010, Phosphorus dynamics in soils irrigated with reclaimed waste water or fresh water — A study using oxygen isotopic composition of phosphate: Geoderma, v. 159, iss. 1–2, p. 109-121. [get publication]
2009Elsbury, Katy E, Paytan, Adina, Ostrom, Nathaniel E, Kendall, Carol, Young, Megan B, McLaughlin, Karen, Rollog, Mark E, and Watson, Sue, 2009, Using Oxygen Isotopes of Phosphate To Trace Phosphorus Sources and Cycling in Lake Erie: Environmental Science & Technology, v. 43, iss. 9, p. 3108-3114. [get publication]
2009Young, Megan B, McLaughlin, Karen, Kendall, Carol, Stringfellow, William, Rollog, Mark, Elsbury, Katy, Donald, Elizabeth, and Paytan, Adina, 2009, Characterizing the Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Phosphate Sources to Aquatic Ecosystems: Environmental Science & Technology, v. 43, iss. 14, p. 5190-5196. [get publication]