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2008Peterson, David H, Stewart, Iris, and Murphy, Fred, 2008, Principal Hydrologic Responses to Climatic and Geologic Variability in the Sierra Nevada, California: San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science, v. 6, iss. 1. [get publication]
2005Peterson, D H, Lundquist, J D, Stewart, I, Knowles, N, Solomon, M, and Hager, S W, 2005, An experimental prediction of maximum daily snowmelt discharge in 2005: Sierra Nevada Hydroclimatology.
2005Peterson, D, Smith, R, Hager, S, Hicke, J, Dettinger, M, and Huber, K, 2005, River chemistry as a monitor of Yosemite Park microclimates: EOS Transactions Americal Geophysical Union, v. 86, p. 285-288.
2005Peterson, David, Smith, Richard, Stewart, Iris, Knowles, Noah, Soulard, Chris, and Hager, Stephen, 2005, Snowmelt discharge characteristics Sierra Nevada, California: United States Geological Survey. [get publication]
2004Peterson, D, Smith, R, Hager, S, Cayan, D, Dettinger, M, 2004, Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Pacific Climate, Air temperature and snowmelt discharge characteristics, Merced River at Happy Isles, Yosemite National Park, Central Sierra Nevada: p. 53-64.
2004Peterson, D, Smith, R, and Hager, S, 2004, A walk through the hydroclimate network in Yosemite National Park: River Chemistry, Sierra Nature Notes, v. 4.
2003Cayan, D R, Dettinger, M D, Redmond, K T, McCabe, G J, Knowles, N, Peterson, D H, Diaz, H F, and Morehouse, B J, 2003, The transboundary setting of California's water and hydropower systems: linkages between the Sierra Nevada, Columbia, and Colorado hydroclimates.: p. 237-262 LA - English. [get publication]
2003DiLeo, J, Butler, M, Cayan, D, Clow, D, Dettinger, M, Gehvke, F, Hager, S, Lundquist, J, McCurdy, G, Peterson, D, Redmond, K, Riddle, L, Smith, R, and Van_Wagtendonk, J, 2003, A Notebook of Hydroclimatology Sites/Activities: Yosemite National Park: U.S. Geological Survey General Interest Publication, v. 34.
2003Peterson, D, Smith, R, Hager, S, Huber, K, Dettinger, M, DiLeo, J, Rivers, Merced, and S, U, 2003, Alpine hydroclimatology, exploring the mastery of salinity change in portions of the Stanislous: Geological Survey Special Interest Publication, 18 p. and Scripps Institution of Oceanography (CAP) California Applications.