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2017Delin, G.N., and Herkelrath, W.N., 2017, Effects of crude oil on water and tracer movement in the unsaturated and saturated zones: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, v. 200, p. 49-59. [get publication]
2015Ng, G.-H.C., B.A. Bekins, I.M. Cozzarelli, M.J. Baedecker, P.C. Bennett, R.T. Amos, and W.N. Herkelrath, 2015, Reactive transport modeling of geochemical controls on secondary water quality impacts at a crude oil spill site near Bemidji, MN, Water Resour. Res., 51:4156–4183, doi:10.1002/2015WR016964.
2014Delin, G.N. and Herkelrath, W.N., 2014, Effects of a dual-pump crude-oil recovery system, Bemidji, Minnesota, USA: Groundwater Monitoring and Remediation, v. 34, no. 1, p. 57-67. [get publication]
2012Zheng, Liange, Apps, John A, Spycher, Nicolas, Birkholzer, Jens T, Kharaka, Yousif K, Thordsen, James, Beers, Sarah R, Herkelrath, William N, Kakouros, Evangelos, and Trautz, Robert C, 2012, Geochemical modeling of changes in shallow groundwater chemistry observed during the MSU-ZERT CO2 injection experiment: International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, v. 7, iss. 0, p. 202-217. [get publication]
2011Bekins, B.A., M.J. Baedecker, R.P. Eganhouse, and W. N. Herkelrath, 2011, Long-term natural attenuation of crude oil in the subsurface, in GQ10: Groundwater Quality Management in a Rapidly Changing World (Proc. 7th International Groundwater Quality Conference held in Zurich, Switzerland, 13–18 June 2010, E. Hoehn and M. Schirmer, eds.), IAHS Publ. 342, 123-127. [get publication]
2011Essaid, Hedeff I, Bekins, Barbara A, Herkelrath, William N, and Delin, Geoffrey N, 2011, Crude Oil at the Bemidji Site: 25 Years of Monitoring, Modeling, and Understanding: Ground Water, v. 49, iss. 5, p. 706-726. [get publication]
2010Drennan, Dina M, Bekins, Barbara A, Warren, Ean, Cozzarelli, Isabelle M, Baedecker, Mary Jo, Herkelrath, William N, Delin, Geoffrey N, Rosenbauer, Robert J, and Campbell, Pamela L, 2010, Fate and transport of petroleum hydrocarbons in the subsurface near Cass Lake, Minnesota: U.S. Geological Survey. [get publication]
2010Kharaka, Yousif, Thordsen, James, Kakouros, Evangelos, Ambats, Gil, Herkelrath, William, Beers, Sarah, Birkholzer, Jens, Apps, John, Spycher, Nicholas, Zheng, Liange, Trautz, Robert, Rauch, Henry, and Gullickson, Kadie, 2010, Changes in the chemistry of shallow groundwater related to the 2008 injection of CO2 at the ZERT field site, Bozeman, Montana: Environmental Earth Sciences, v. 60, iss. 2, p. 273-284. [get publication]
2009Burruss, Robert C, Brennan, Sean T, Freeman, Philip A, Merrill, Matthew D, Ruppert, Leslie F, Becker, Mark F, Herkelrath, William N, Kharaka, Yousif K, Neuzil, Christopher E, Swanson, Sharon M, Cook, Troy A, Klett, Timothy R, Nelson, Philip H, and Schenk, Christopher J, 2009, Development of a Probabilistic Assessment Methodology for Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide Storage: U.S. Geological Survey. [get publication]
2008Hostettler, Frances D, Bekins, Barbara A, Rostad, Colleen E, and Herkelrath, William N, 2008, Response to Commentary on Observed Methanogenic Biodegradation Progressions: Environmental Forensics, v. 9, iss. 2-3, p. 121-126. [get publication]
2007Herkelrath, W N, Kharaka, Y K, Thordsen, J J, and Abbott, M M, 2007, Hydrology and subsurface transport of oil-field brine at the U.S. Geological Survey OSPER site “A”, Osage County, Oklahoma: Applied Geochemistry, v. 22, iss. 10, p. 2155-2163. [get publication]
2007Nimmo, John R, Herkelrath, William N, and Laguna Luna, Ana M, 2007, Physically Based Estimation of Soil Water Retention from Textural Data: General Framework, New Models, and Streamlined Existing Models: Vadose Zone Journal, v. 6, iss. 4. [get publication]
2007Zielinski, Robert A, Herkelrath, William N, and Otton, James K, 2007, Composition of pore water in lake sediments, research site “B”, Osage County, Oklahoma: Implications for lake water quality and benthic organisms: Applied Geochemistry, v. 22, iss. 10, p. 2177-2192. [get publication]
2005Bekins, Barbara A, Hostettler, Frances D, Herkelrath, William N, Delin, Geoffrey N, Warren, Ean, and Essaid, Hedeff I, 2005, Progression of methanogenic degradation of crude oil in the subsurface: Environmental Geosciences, v. 12, iss. 2, p. 139-152. [get publication]
2005Delin, G N, and Herkelrath, W N, 2005, Use of soil moisture probes to estimate ground water recharge at an oil spill site: United States Geological Survey, p. 1259-1277. [get publication]
2005Kharaka, Yousif K, Thordsen, James J, Kakouros, Evangelos, and Herkelrath, William N, 2005, Impacts of petroleum production on ground and surface waters: Results from the Osage–Skiatook Petroleum Environmental Research A site, Osage County, Oklahoma: Environmental Geosciences, v. 12, iss. 2, p. 127-138. [get publication]
2004Otton, J K, Zielisnski, R A, Herkelrath, W N, Kharaka, Y K, Wanty, R B, and Seal, R R, 2004, Impacts of oil production fluid releases at the USGS OSPER "B" site, Osage County, Oklahoma, USA: A.A. Balkema, v. 2, p. 1-547.
2003Essaid, Hedeff I, Cozzarelli, Isabelle M, Eganhouse, Robert P, Herkelrath, William N, Bekins, Barbara A, and Delin, Geoffrey N, 2003, Inverse modeling of BTEX dissolution and biodegradation at the Bemidji, MN crude-oil spill site: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, v. 67, iss. 1–4, p. 269-299. [get publication]
2003Herkelrath, W N, and Kharaka, Y K, 2003, Hydrologic controls on the subsurface transport of oil-field brine at the Osage-Skiatook petroleum environmental "B" site, Oklahoma: United States Geological Survey, p. 113-123. [get publication]