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2014Ingebritsen, S.E., Gelwick, K.D., Randolph-Flagg, N.G., Crankshaw, I.M., Lundstrom, E.A., McCulloch, C.L., Murveit, A.M., Newman, A.C., Mariner, R.H., Bergfeld, D., Tucker, D.S., Schmidt, M.E., Spicer, K.R., Mosbrucker, A., and Evans, W.C., 2014, Hydrothermal monitoring data from the Cascade Range, northwestern United States: U.S. Geological Survey Data Set, doi:10.5066/F72N5088. [get publication]
2014Ingebritsen, S.E., Randolph-Flagg, N.G. Gelwick, K.D., Lundstrom, E.A., Crankshaw, I.M., Murveit, A.M., Schmidt, M.E., Bergfeld, D., Spicer, K.R., Tucker, D.S., Mariner, R.H., and Evans, W.C., 2014, Hydrothermal monitoring in a quiescent volcanic arc: Cascade Range, northwestern United States: Geofluids, v. 14, p. 326-346, doi:10.1111/gfl.12079.
2010Evans, W C, Mariner, R H, Bergfeld, D, Révész, K M, and McGeehin, J P, 2010, Carbon isotope composition of CO2 at Cascade Arc volcanoes: Taylor & Francis Group: London, p. 195-198.
2010Ingebritsen, S.E., and Mariner, R.H., 2010, Hydrothermal heat discharge in the Cascade Range, northwestern United States: Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, v. 196, p. 208-218, doi:10.1016/j.volgeores.2010.07.023. [get publication]
2008Mariner, Robert H, Minor, Scott A, King, Allen P, Boles, James R, Kellogg, Karl S, Evans, William C, Landis, Gary A, Hunt, Andrew G, and Till, Christy B, 2008, A landslide in Tertiary marine shale with superheated fumaroles, Coast Ranges, California: Geology, v. 36, iss. 12, p. 959-962. [get publication]
2008Williams, Colin F, Reed, Marshall J, Mariner, Robert H, DeAngelo, Jacob, and Galanis, S Peter, 2008, Assessment of Moderate- and High-Temperature Geothermal Resources of the United States: Geological Survey (U.S.). [get publication]
2008Williams, Colin F, Reed, Marshall J, and Mariner, Robert H, 2008, A Review of Methods Applied by the U.S. Geological Survey in the Assessment of Identified Geothermal Resources: U.S. Geological Survey. [get publication]
2007Reed, M J, and Mariner, R H, 2007, Geothermometer calculations for geothermal assessments: Transactions of the 2007 Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting, v. 31, p. 89-92.
2006Mariner, R H, Venezky, D Y, and Hurwitz, S, 2006, Chemical and isotopic database of water and gas from hydrothermal systems with an emphasis for the western United States: United States Geological Survey. [get publication]
2006Mariner, Robert H, Evans, William C, and Young, H William, 2006, Comparison of circulation times of thermal waters discharging from the Idaho batholith based on geothermometer temperatures, helium concentrations, and 14C measurements: Geothermics, v. 35, iss. 1, p. 3-25. [get publication]
2005Hurwitz, Shaul, Mariner, Robert H, Fehn, Udo, and Snyder, Glen T, 2005, Systematics of halogen elements and their radioisotopes in thermal springs of the Cascade Range, Central Oregon, Western USA: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 235, iss. 3–4, p. 700-714. [get publication]
2005Kharaka, Y K, and Mariner, R H, 2005, Geothermal systems: Springer: Dordrecht, p. 243-270.
2004Evans, W.C., van Soest, M.C., Mariner, R.H., Hurwitz, S., Ingebritsen, S.E., Wicks, C.W., Jr., and Schmidt, M.E., 2004, Magmatic intrusion west of Three Sisters, central Oregon, USA: The perspective from spring geochemistry: Geology, v. 32, p. 69-72. [get publication]
2004van Soest, M C, Evans, W C, Mariner, R H, and Schmidt, M E, 2004, Chloride in hot springs of the Cascade volcanic arc - The source puzzle: A.A. Balkema, v. 1, p. 209-213.
2003Mariner, R H, Evans, W C, Presser, T S, and White, L D, 2003, Excess nitrogen in selected thermal and mineral springs of the Cascade Range in northern California, Oregon, and Washington: sedimentary or volcanic in origin?: Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, v. 121, iss. 1–2, p. 99-114. [get publication]