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2011Bencala, K E, 2011, 2.20 - Stream–Groundwater Interactions: Elsevier: Oxford, p. 537-546. [get publication]
2011Bencala, Kenneth E, Gooseff, Michael N, and Kimball, Briant A, 2011, Rethinking hyporheic flow and transient storage to advance understanding of stream-catchment connections: Water Resources Research, v. 47, iss. 3, p. n/a-n/a. [get publication]
2010Jencso, Kelsey G, McGlynn, Brian L, Gooseff, Michael N, Bencala, Kenneth E, and Wondzell, Steven M, 2010, Hillslope hydrologic connectivity controls riparian groundwater turnover: Implications of catchment structure for riparian buffering and stream water sources: Water Resources Research, v. 46, iss. 10, p. n/a-n/a. [get publication]
2009Jencso, Kelsey G, McGlynn, Brian L, Gooseff, Michael N, Wondzell, Steven M, Bencala, Kenneth E, and Marshall, Lucy A, 2009, Hydrologic connectivity between landscapes and streams: Transferring reach- and plot-scale understanding to the catchment scale: Water Resources Research, v. 45, iss. 4, p. n/a-n/a. [get publication]
2009Runkel, Robert L, Bencala, Kenneth E, Kimball, Briant A, Walton-Day, Katherine, and Verplanck, Philip L, 2009, A comparison of pre- and post-remediation water quality, Mineral Creek, Colorado: Hydrological Processes, v. 23, iss. 23, p. 3319-3333. [get publication]
2008Caruso, B S, Cox, T J, Runkel, R L, Velleux, M L, Bencala, K E, Nordstrom, D K, Julien, P Y, Butler, B A, Alpers, C N, Marion, A, and Smith, K S, 2008, Metals fate and transport modelling in streams and watersheds: state of the science and USEPA workshop review: Hydrological Processes, v. 22, p. 4011-4021.
2008Gooseff, Michael N, Bencala, Kenneth E, and Wondzell, Steven M, 2008, Solute Transport Along Stream and River Networks: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, p. 395-417. [get publication]
2006Bencala, Kenneth E, 2006, Hyporheic Exchange Flows: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. [get publication]
2006Bencala, Kenneth E, Hamilton, David B, and Petersen, James H, 2006, Science for Managing Riverine Ecosystems: Actions for the USGS Identified in the Workshop "Analysis of Flow and Habitat for Instream Aquatic Communities": United States Geological Survey. [get publication]
2005Gooseff, Michael N., Bencala, Kenneth E., Scott, Durelle T., Runkel, Robert L., and McKnight, Diane M., 2005, Sensitivity analysis of conservative and reactive stream transient storage models applied to field data from multiple-reach experiments: Advances in Water Resources, v. 28, iss. 5, p. 479-492. [get publication]