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2011Reddy, Michael, and Leenheer, Jerry, 2011, Calcite Growth – Rate Inhibition by Fulvic Acids Isolated from Big Soda Lake, Nevada, USA, the Suwannee River, Georgia, USA and by Polycarboxylic Acids: Annals of Environmental Science, v. 5, iss. 1, p. 41-53. [get publication]
2008Leenheer, J A, and Reddy, M M, 2008, Co-Precipitation of Dissolved Organic Matter by Calcium Carbonate in Pyramid Lake, Nevada: Annals of Environmental Science, v. 2, p. 11-25. [get publication]
2007Izbicki, John A, Pimentel, Isabel M, Johnson, Russell, Aiken, George R, and Leenheer, Jerry, 2007, Concentration, UV-spectroscopic characteristics and fractionation of DOC in stormflow from an urban stream, Southern California, USA: Environmental Chemistry, v. 4, iss. 1, 35 p. [get publication]
2007Leenheer, J A, Aiken, G R, Woodside, G, and O'Connor-Patel, K, 2007, DOM in recharge waters of the Santa Ana River Basin: United States Geological Survey. [get publication]
2007Leenheer, Jerry A, Izbicki, John A, Rostad, Colleen E, Noyes, Ted I, and Woodside, Greg, 2007, Discovery of Cyanuric Acid During an Assessment of Natural Organic Matter in Stormflow Water of the Santa Ana River, Southern California, 2003-2004: Geological Survey (U.S.). [get publication]
2003Leenheer, J A, Wershaw, R L, Brown, G K, and Reddy, M M, 2003, Characterization and diagenesis of strong-acid carboxyl groups in humic substances: Applied Geochemistry, v. 18, iss. 3, p. 471-482. [get publication]
2003Leenheer, J.A. and Barber, L.B., 2003, Hierarchal approach to organic matter characterization: Chapter 6 in Schroeder, R.A., ed., Water-Quality Changes and Organic-Carbon Characterization During Recharge with Recycled Water at a Research Basin in Montebello Forebay, Los Angeles, California, 1991-1996: U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 03-4146, p. 57-60.
2003Wershaw, Robert L, Rutherford, David W, Leenheer, Jerry A, Kennedy, Kay R, Cox, Larry G, and Koci, Donald R, 2003, Biogeochemical Processes That Produce Dissolved Organic Matter From Wheat Straw: United States Geological Survey. [get publication]
1995Leenheer, J A, Barber, L B, Rostad, C E, and Noyes, T I, 1995, Data on natural organic substances in dissolved, colloidal, suspended-silt and -clay, and bed-sediment phases in the Mississippi River and some of its tributaries, 1991-92: U.S. Geological Survey : Earth Science Information Center, Open-File Reports Section [distributor],. [get publication]
1995Meade, R H, and Leenheer, J A, 1995, Contaminants in the Mississippi River: U.S. Geologlical Survey, p. 52-55. [get publication]
1995Writer, J H, Leenheer, J A, Barber, L B, Amy, G L, and Chapra, S C, 1995, Sewage contamination in the Upper Mississippi River as measured by the fecal sterol, coprostanol: Water Research, v. 29, p. 1427-1436.