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2004Councell, Terry B, Duckenfield, Kea U, Landa, Edward R, and Callender, Edward, 2004, Tire-Wear Particles as a Source of Zinc to the Environment: Environmental Science & Technology, v. 38, iss. 15, p. 4206-4214. [get publication]
2004Van Metre, Peter, Wilson, Jennifer T, Fuller, Christopher C, Callender, Edward, and Mahler, Barbara J, 2004, Collection, analysis, and age-dating of sediment cores from 56 U.S. lakes and reservoirs sampled by the U.S. Geological Survey, 1992-2001: United States Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2004–5184, 180 p. [get publication]
2003Long, Gary R, Ayers, Mark A, Callender, Edward, and Van Metre, Peter C, 2003, Trends in chemical concentration in sediment cores from three lakes in New Jersey and one lake on Long Island, New York: United States Geological Survey. [get publication]