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2004Evans, W C, Lorenson, T D, Sorey, M L, and Bergfeld, D, 2004, Transport of injected isobutane by thermal groundwater in Long Valley caldera, California, USA: A.A. Balkema, v. 1, p. 125-129.
2003Hurwitz, Shaul, Goff, Fraser, Janik, Cathy J, Evans, William C, Counce, Dale A, Sorey, Michael L, and Ingebritsen, Steven E, 2003, Mixing of magmatic volatiles with groundwater and interaction with basalt on the summit of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 108, iss. B1. [get publication]
2003Lewicki, J L, Evans, W C, Hilley, G E, Sorey, M L, Rogie, J D, and Brantley, S L, 2003, Shallow soil CO2 flow along the San Andreas and Calaveras Faults, California: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 108, iss. B4. [get publication]