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2009Baedecker, M J, and Wood, W W, 2009, William "Bill" Back: An Incisive Geochemist and a Great Mentor: Ground Water, v. 47, iss. 2, p. 314-318.
2007Wood, Warren W, and Sanford, Ward E, 2007, Atmospheric bromine flux from the coastal Abu Dhabi sabkhat: A ground-water mass-balance investigation: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 34, iss. 14. [get publication]
2005Eckardt, F, Wood, W W, Kraemer, T, Eng, K G, Vogel, H, and Chilume Botswana C3 - Proceedings of the International Workshop on Environmental Geology in Semi-Arid Environments, November 11-12, 2004, Selebi-Phikwe, Botswana, C C1 - Selebi-Phikwe, 2005, Airborne transport of evaporite salts from the Makgadikgadi depression, Environmental Geology in Semi-Arid Environments: p. 11-12.
2005Wood, W W, 2005, Nanobots: A New Paradigm for Hydrogeologic Characterization?: Ground Water, v. 43, iss. 4.
2005Wood, Warren W, Sanford, Ward E, and Frape, Shaun K, 2005, Chemical openness and potential for misinterpretation of the solute environment of coastal sabkhat: Chemical Geology, v. 215, iss. 1–4, p. 361-372. [get publication]
2004Wood, W W, Eckardt, F, Kraemer, T F, and Eng, K, 2004, Quantitative eolian transport of evaporite salts from the Makgadikgadi Depression (Ntwetwe and Sua Pans) in northeastern Botswana: Implications for regional ground-water quality: Africa Kluwer Academic Publishers, v. 2.
2003Wood, W W, 2003, Water sustainability: science or science fiction? - A perspective from one scientist: Elsevier: Amsterdam, p. 45-52.
2003Wood, W W, Rizk, Z S, and Alsharan, A S, 2003, Timing of recharge, and the origin, evolution, and distribution of solutes in a hyperarid aquifer system: Elsevier: Amsterdam, v. 50, p. 295-312.
2003Wood, W W, and Imes, J L, 2003, Dating of Holocene ground-water recharge in the Rub al Khali of Abu Dhabi: constraints on global climate-change models: Elsevier: Amsterdam, v. 50, p. 379-385.
2003Wood, Warren W, 2003, A Fresh Water Odyssey: Some Observations on the Global Resource: Ground Water, v. 41, iss. 3, p. 300-305. [get publication]
2002Wood, W W, Sanford, W E, and Abdul Rahman, S A H, 2002, Source of solutes to the coastal sabkha of Abu Dhabi: The Geological Society of America, Bulletin, v. 114, iss. 3, p. 259-268.
2002Wood, W W, Stokes, S, and Rich, J, 2002, Implications of water supply for indigenous Americans during Holocene aridity phases on the Southern High Plains, USA: Quaternary Research, v. 58, p. 139-148.
2002Wood, W W, and Sanford, W E, 2002, Hydrogeology and solute chemistry of the Coastal-Sabkha Aquifer in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi: Kluwer Academic: Dordrecht, v. 36, p. 173-185.
2002Wood, Warren W, 2002, Role of Ground Water in Geomorphology, Geology, and Paleoclimate of the Southern High Plains, USA: Ground Water, v. 40, iss. 4, p. 438-447. [get publication]