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2011Naftz, David L, Millero, Frank J, Jones, Blair F, and Green, W Reed, 2011, An Equation of State for Hypersaline Water in Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA: Aquatic Geochemistry, v. 17, iss. 6, p. 809-820. [get publication]
2009Jones, B F, White, W W, Conko, K M, Webster, D M, and Kohler, J F, 2009, Mineralogy and Fluid Chemistry of Surficial Sediments in the Newfoundland Basin Tooele and Box Elder Counties, Utah: Utah Geological Survey Open-File Report 539.
2009Jones, Blair F, Naftz, David L, Spencer, Ronald J, and Oviatt, Charles G, 2009, Geochemical Evolution of Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA: Aquatic Geochemistry, v. 15, iss. 1-2, p. 95-121. [get publication]
2009Sanford, W E, Voytek, M A, Powars, D S, Jones, B F, Cozzarelli, I M, Cockell, C S, and Eganhouse, R P, 2009, Pore-water chemistry from the ICDP-USGS core hole in the Chesapeake Bay impact structure - Implications for paleohydrology, microbial habitat, and water resources: p. 867-890.
2007Jones, B F, Pochatila, J, Conko, K M, and Webster, D M, 2007, Chemical and mineralogical composition of saprolite from South Fork Brokenback Run Watershed, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, USA: Taylor and Francis CRC Press, p. 427-430.
2006Chrosniak, L D, Smith, L N, McDonald, C G, Jones, B F, and Flinn, J M, 2006, Effects of enhanced zinc and copper in drinking water on spatial memory and fear conditioning: Journal of Geochemical Exploration, v. 88, iss. 1–3, p. 91-94. [get publication]
2006Pochatila, Joy, Jones, Blair F, Conko, Kathryn M, and Webster, Daniel M, 2006, Mineralogical and Chemical Composition of Saprolite from South Fork Brokenback Run Watershed, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia: Geological Survey (U.S.). [get publication]
2005Flinn, J M, Hunter, D, Linkous, D H, Lanzirotti, A, Smith, L N, Brightwell, J, and Jones, B F, 2005, Enhanced zinc consumption causes memory deficits and increased brain levels of zinc: Physiology & Behavior, v. 83, iss. 5, p. 793-803. [get publication]
2004Linkous, D H, Smith, L N, Conko, K M, Jones, B F, and Flinn, J M, 2004, Differential effects of zinc association in drinking waters on spatial memory [Proceedings, 8th international symposium on metal ions in biology and medicine, May 18-22, 2004]: Metal Ions in Biology and Medicine, v. 8, p. 390-395.
2003Bricker, O P, Jones, B F, and Bowser, C J, 2003, Mass-balance approach to interpreting weathering reactions: Elsevier: New York, v. 5, p. 119-132.
2003Jones, B F, and Deocampo, D M, 2003, Geochemistry of Saline Lakes: : New York, Elsevier, v. 5.
2002Bowser, C J, and Jones, B F, 2002, Mineralogic controls on the composition of natural waters dominated by silicate hydrolysis: American Journal of Science, v. 302, p. 582-662.