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2011Hung, H-W, Lin, T.-F., and Chiou, C T, 2011, Reply to comment on partition coefficients of organic contaminants with carbohydrates: Environmental Science and Technology, v. 45, iss. 3.
2010Hung, Hsu-Wen, Lin, Tsair-Fuh, and Chiou, Cary T, 2010, Partition Coefficients of Organic Contaminants with Carbohydrates: Environmental Science & Technology, v. 44, iss. 14, p. 5430-5436. [get publication]
2009Hung, Hsu-Wen, Daniel Sheng, G, Lin, Tsair-Fuh, Su, Yuhong, and Chiou, Cary T, 2009, The organic contamination level based on the total soil mass is not a proper index of the soil contamination intensity: Environmental Pollution, v. 157, iss. 11, p. 2928-2932. [get publication]
2008Su, Yuhong, Yang, Xueyun, and Chiou, Cary T, 2008, Effect of rhizosphere on soil microbial community and in-situ pyrene biodegradation: Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering in China, v. 2, iss. 4, p. 468-474. [get publication]
2006Su, Yu-Hong, Zhu, Yong-Guan, Sheng, Guangyao, and Chiou, Cary T, 2006, Linear Adsorption of Nonionic Organic Compounds from Water onto Hydrophilic Minerals: Silica and Alumina: Environmental Science & Technology, v. 40, iss. 22, p. 6949-6954. [get publication]
2005Chiou, Cary T, Schmedding, David W, and Manes, Milton, 2005, Improved Prediction of Octanol−Water Partition Coefficients from Liquid−Solute Water Solubilities and Molar Volumes: Environmental Science & Technology, v. 39, iss. 22, p. 8840-8846. [get publication]
2005James, Gavin, Sabatini, David A, Chiou, Cary T, Rutherford, David, Scott, Andrew C, and Karapanagioti, Hrissi K, 2005, Evaluating phenanthrene sorption on various wood chars: Water Research, v. 39, iss. 4, p. 549-558. [get publication]
2005Li, Hui, Sheng, Guangyao, Chiou, Cary T, and Xu, Ouyong, 2005, Relation of Organic Contaminant Equilibrium Sorption and Kinetic Uptake in Plants: Environmental Science & Technology, v. 39, iss. 13, p. 4864-4870.
2004Chun, Y, Sheng, G, Chiou, C T, and Xing, B, 2004, Compositions and sorptive properties of crop residue-derived chars: Environmental Science and Technology, v. 38, iss. 17, p. 4649-4655.
2004Chun, Y, Sheng, G, and Chiou, C T, 2004, Evaluation of current techniques for isolation of chars as natural adsorbents: Environmental Science and Technology, v. 38, iss. 15, p. 4227-4232.
2004Lee, J.-F., Chao, H.-P., Chiou, C T, and Manes, M, 2004, Turbulence effects on volatilization rates of liquids and solutes: Environmental Science and Technology, v. 38, iss. 16, p. 4327-4333.
2003Zhu, L, Chen, B, Tao, S, and Chiou, C T, 2003, Interactions of organic contaminants with mineral-absorbed surfactants: Environmental Science and Technology, v. 37, iss. 17, p. 4001-4006.
2002Chiou, C T, 2002, Partition and Adsorption of Organic Contaminants in Environmental Systems: Wiley Books: New York, 257 p.