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2010Meade, Robert H, and Moody, John A, 2010, Causes for the decline of suspended-sediment discharge in the Mississippi River system, 1940–2007: Hydrological Processes, v. 24, iss. 1, p. 35-49 LA - en. [get publication]
2008Meade, R H, and Moody, J A, 2008, Changes in the discharge of sediment through the Missouri-Mississippi River system, 1940-2007: .
2008Moody, J A, and Meade, R H, 2008, Terrace aggradation during the 1978 flood on Powder River, Montana, USA: Geomorphology, v. 99, iss. 1–4, p. 387-403. [get publication]
2008Pizzuto, James E, Moody, John A, and Meade, Robert H, 2008, Anatomy and Dynamics of a Floodplain, Powder River, Montana, U.S.A.: Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 78, iss. 1, p. 16-28. [get publication]
2007Meade, R H, 2007, Transcontinental moving and storage - the Orinoco and Amazon Rivers transfer the Andes to the Atlantic: John Wiley & Sons,: Chichester, p. 45-63.
2006Meade, R H, 2006, New Orleans revival recipes [Discussion]: Issues in Science and Technology Online, v. 22, iss. 3.
2004Meade, R H, 2004, Engineering works and their effects on movement and storage of sediment in Mississippi River and its major tributaries: Tsinghua University Press, v. 1, p. 154-161.
2004Richey, J E, Victoria, R L, Mayorga, E, Martinelli, L A, and Meade, R H, 2004, Case study 1, Integrated analysis of a humid tropical region--The Amazon basin: Berlin, Springer Verlag: 415-428.
2003Moody, John A, Meade, Robert H, and Jones, David R, 2003, Lewis and Clark‘s observations and measurements of geomorphology and hydrology, and changes with time: United States Geological Survey. [get publication]
2003Richey, J E, Victoria, R L, Mayorga, E, and Meade, R H, 2003, Integrated analysis of a humid tropical region - the Amazon Basin: Berlin, Springer: 415-428.
2002Meade, R H, 2002, Flood of 1993 on Upper Mississippi River: a selective overview: New York, Science Press, p. 759-764.
2002Moody, John A, Meade, Robert H, and Martinson, Holly A, 2002, Erosion and deposition of sediment at channel cross sections on powder river between Moorhead and Broadus, Montana, 1980-98: United States Geological Survey. [get publication]
2002Warne, Andrew G, Meade, Robert H, White, William A, Guevara, Edgar H, Gibeaut, James, Smyth, Rebecca C, Aslan, Andres, and Tremblay, Thomas, 2002, Regional controls on geomorphology, hydrology, and ecosystem integrity in the Orinoco Delta, Venezuela: Geomorphology, v. 44, iss. 3–4, p. 273-307. [get publication]
1995Meade, R H, and Leenheer, J A, 1995, Contaminants in the Mississippi River: U.S. Geologlical Survey, p. 52-55. [get publication]
1995Moody, John A, and Meade, Robert H, 1995, Hydrologic and sedimentologic data collected during three cruises on the Mississippi River and some of its tributaries from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to New Orleans, Louisiana, July 1991-May 1992: U.S. Geological Survey : Earth ScienceInformation Center, Open-File Reports Section [distributor],. [get publication]