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2016Bekins, B.A., Cozzarelli, I.M., Erickson, M.L., Steenson, R.A., Thorn, K.A., 2016, Crude Oil Metabolites in Groundwater at Two Spill Sites: Groundwater. doi:10.1111/gwat.12419 [get publication]
2016Sihota, N.J., Trost, J.J., Bekins, B.A., Berg, A., Delin, G.N., Mason, B., Warren, E. Mayer, K.U., 2016, Seasonal Variability in Vadose Zone Biodegradation at a Crude Oil Pipeline Rupture Site: Vadose Zone Journal, 15, 5. [get publication]
2015Essaid, H. I., Bekins, B.A., and Cozzarelli, I.M., 2015, Organic contaminant transport and fate in the subsurface: Evolution of knowledge and understanding, Water Resources Research, 51, 4861-4902, doi:10.1002/2015WR017121.
2015Hassane, A.B., Leduc, C., Gavreau, G., Bekins, B.A., Magueros, T., 2015, Impacts of a large Sahelian city of groundwater hydrodynamics and quality example of Niamey (Niger): Hydrogeology Journal. [get publication]
2015McGarr, A., Bekins, B., Burkardt, N., Dewey, J., Earle, P., Ellsworth, S., Ge, S., Hickman, S., Holland, A., Majer, E., Rubinstein, J., and Sheehan, A., 2015,Coping with earthquakes induced by fluid injection: Science, 347 (6224): 830-831, doi: 10.1126/science.aaa0494.
2015Ng, G.-H.C., B.A. Bekins, I.M. Cozzarelli, M.J. Baedecker, P.C. Bennett, R.T. Amos, and W.N. Herkelrath, 2015, Reactive transport modeling of geochemical controls on secondary water quality impacts at a crude oil spill site near Bemidji, MN, Water Resour. Res., 51:4156–4183, doi:10.1002/2015WR016964.
2015Warren, Ean, and Bekins, B.A., 2015, Relating subsurface temperature changes to microbial activity at a crude oil-contaminated site. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 182, p. 183-193, doi:10.1016/j.jconhyd.2015.09.007. [get publication]
2015Weingarten, M., S. Ge, J. W. Godt, B. A. Bekins, J. L. Rubinstein, 2015, High-rate injection is associated with the increase in U.S. mid-continent seismicity, Science Vol. 348 no. 6241 pp. 1336-1340, doi: 10.1126/science.aab1345.
2014Crystal Ng, G. H., Bekins, B. A., Cozzarelli, I. M., Baedecker, M. J., Bennett, P. C., and Amos, R. T. , 2014. A Mass Balance Approach to Investigating Geochemical Controls on Secondary Water Quality Impacts at a Crude Oil Spill Site near Bemidji, MN. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, Volume 164, August 2014, Pages 1–15. [get publication]
2014Green, C. T., B. A. Bekins, S. J. Kalkhoff, R. M. Hirsch, L. Liao, and K. K. Barnes, 2014, Decadal surface water quality trends under variable climate, land use, and hydrogeochemical setting in Iowa, USA, Water Resour. Res., 50, 2425–2443, doi:10.1002/2013WR014829.
2014Keranen, K. M., M. Weingarten, G. A. Abers, B. A. Bekins, S. Ge, 2014, Sharp increase in central Oklahoma seismicity since 2008 induced by massive wastewater injection, Science, 25 July 2014: Vol. 345 no. 6195 pp. 448-451, doi: 10.1126/science.1255802.
2014Warren, E., Sihota, N.J., Hostettler, F.D., and Bekins, B.A., 2014, Comparison of surficial CO2 efflux to other measures of subsurface crude oil degradation. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 164, 275-284. DOI: 10.1016/j.jconhyd.2014.06.006
2013Hostettler, F. D. , T. D. Lorenson, and B. A. Bekins, 2013, Petroleum fingerprinting with organic markers, Environmental Forensics, 14:4, 262-277, doi:10.1080/15275922.2013.843611
2013Rasa, E., B. A. Bekins, D. M. Mackay, N. R. de Sieyes, J. T. Wilson, K. P. Feris, I. A. Wood, K. M. Scow, early online, Impacts of an ethanol-blended fuel release on groundwater and fate of produced methane: Simulation of field observations, Water Resources Research, DOI: 10.1002/wrcr.20382 [get publication]
2012Amos, R. T., B. A. Bekins, I. M. Cozzarelli, M. A. Voytek, J. D. Kirshtein, E. J. P. Jones and D. W. Blowes, 2012, Evidence for iron-mediated anaerobic methane oxidation in a crude oil-contaminated aquifer, Geobiology, 6:506-517, DOI: 10.1111/j.1472-4669.2012.00341.x.
2012Bekins, B.A., 2012, Book Review, Earthquakes and Water, by Wang, C.-Y. and Manga, M., Geofluids, 12:261-263, doi: 10.1111/j.1468-8123.2012.00366.x.
2012Liao, L., Green, C.T., Bekins, B.A., and Böhlke, J.K., 2012, Factors controlling nitrogen fluxes in groundwater in agricultural areas. Water Resources Research, v. 48, W00L09, doi:10.1029/2011WR011008, p. 1-18. [get publication]
2011Amos, Richard T, Bekins, Barbara A, Delin, Geoffrey N, Cozzarelli, Isabelle M, Blowes, David W, and Kirshtein, Julie D, 2011, Methane oxidation in a crude oil contaminated aquifer: Delineation of aerobic reactions at the plume fringes: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, v. 125, iss. 1–4, p. 13-25. [get publication]
2011Baedecker, Mary Jo, Eganhouse, Robert P, Bekins, Barbara A, and Delin, Geoffrey N, 2011, Loss of volatile hydrocarbons from an LNAPL oil source: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, v. 126, iss. 3–4, p. 140-152. [get publication]
2011Bekins, B.A., M.J. Baedecker, R.P. Eganhouse, and W. N. Herkelrath, 2011, Long-term natural attenuation of crude oil in the subsurface, in GQ10: Groundwater Quality Management in a Rapidly Changing World (Proc. 7th International Groundwater Quality Conference held in Zurich, Switzerland, 13–18 June 2010, E. Hoehn and M. Schirmer, eds.), IAHS Publ. 342, 123-127. [get publication]
2011Bekins, B.A., Matmon, D., Screaton, E.J. and Brown, K.M., 2011, Reanalysis of in situ permeability measurements in the Barbados décollement. Geofluids, 11(1): 57-70, doi: 10.1111/j.1468-8123.2010.00310.x. [get publication]
2011Essaid, Hedeff I, Bekins, Barbara A, Herkelrath, William N, and Delin, Geoffrey N, 2011, Crude Oil at the Bemidji Site: 25 Years of Monitoring, Modeling, and Understanding: Ground Water, v. 49, iss. 5, p. 706-726. [get publication]
2011Gamage, Kusali, Screaton, Elizabeth, Bekins, Barbara, and Aiello, Ivano, 2011, Permeability–porosity relationships of subduction zone sediments: Marine Geology, v. 279, iss. 1–4, p. 19-36. [get publication]
2011Rasa, Ehsan, Chapman, Steven W, Bekins, Barbara A, Fogg, Graham E, Scow, Kate M, and Mackay, Douglas M, 2011, Role of back diffusion and biodegradation reactions in sustaining an MTBE/TBA plume in alluvial media: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, v. 126, iss. 3–4, p. 235-247. [get publication]
2010Aiello, Ivano W, and Bekins, Barbara A, 2010, Milankovitch-scale correlations between deeply buried microbial populations and biogenic ooze lithology: Geology, v. 38, iss. 1, p. 79-82. [get publication]
2010Cozzarelli, Isabelle M, Bekins, Barbara A, Eganhouse, Robert P, Warren, Ean, and Essaid, Hedeff I, 2010, In situ measurements of volatile aromatic hydrocarbon biodegradation rates in groundwater: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, v. 111, iss. 1–4, p. 48-64. [get publication]
2010Drennan, Dina M, Bekins, Barbara A, Warren, Ean, Cozzarelli, Isabelle M, Baedecker, Mary Jo, Herkelrath, William N, Delin, Geoffrey N, Rosenbauer, Robert J, and Campbell, Pamela L, 2010, Fate and transport of petroleum hydrocarbons in the subsurface near Cass Lake, Minnesota: U.S. Geological Survey. [get publication]
2010Gamage, K., E. J. Screaton, B.A. Bekins, I. W. Aiello, 2010, Permeability-porosity relations of subduction zone sediments, Marine Geology, doi:10.1016/j.margeo.2010.10.010.
2010Green, Christopher T, Böhlke, John Karl, Bekins, Barbara A, and Phillips, Steven P, 2010, Mixing effects on apparent reaction rates and isotope fractionation during denitrification in a heterogeneous aquifer: Water Resources Research, v. 46, iss. 8. [get publication]
2010Green, Christopher T, and Bekins, Barbara A, 2010, Sustainability of natural attenuation of nitrate in agricultural aquifers: U.S. Geological Survey. [get publication]
2010Molins, S, Mayer, K U, Amos, R T, and Bekins, B A, 2010, Vadose zone attenuation of organic compounds at a crude oil spill site — Interactions between biogeochemical reactions and multicomponent gas transport: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, v. 112, iss. 1–4, p. 15-29. [get publication]
2009Fulton, Patrick M, Saffer, Demian M, and Bekins, Barbara A, 2009, A critical evaluation of crustal dehydration as the cause of an overpressured and weak San Andreas Fault: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 284, iss. 3–4, p. 447-454. [get publication]
2008Green, C T, Puckett, L J, Böhlke, J K, Bekins, B A, Phillips, S P, Kauffman, L J, Denver, J M, and Johnson, H M, 2008, Limited occurrence of denitrification in four shallow aquifers in agricultural areas of the United States: Journal of Environmental Quality, v. 37, p. 994-1009.
2008Green, Christopher T, Fisher, Lawrence H, and Bekins, Barbara A, 2008, Nitrogen Fluxes through Unsaturated Zones in Five Agricultural Settings across the United States: Journal of Environment Quality, v. 37, iss. 3. [get publication]
2008Hostettler, Frances D, Bekins, Barbara A, Rostad, Colleen E, and Herkelrath, William N, 2008, Response to Commentary on Observed Methanogenic Biodegradation Progressions: Environmental Forensics, v. 9, iss. 2-3, p. 121-126. [get publication]
2007Bekins, B.A. and E.J. Screaton, 2007, Pore pressure and fluid flow in the Northern Barbados Accretionary Complex: A synthesis, in "The Seismogenic Zone of Subduction Thrust Faults”, MARGINS Theoretical and Experimental Earth Science Series, v. 2, T. Dixon and J. C. Moore Editors. Columbia University Press, p. 148–170.
2007Bekins, Barbara A, Spivack, Arthur J, Davis, Earl E, and Mayer, Larry A, 2007, Dissolution of biogenic ooze over basement edifices in the equatorial Pacific with implications for hydrothermal ventilation of the oceanic crust: Geology, v. 35, iss. 8, p. 679-682. [get publication]
2007Hostettler, Frances D, Wang, Yi, Huang, Yongsong, Cao, Weihuan, Bekins, Barbara A, Rostad, Colleen E, Kulpa, Charles F, and Laursen, Andrew, 2007, Forensic Fingerprinting of Oil-Spill Hydrocarbons in a Methanogenic Environment–Mandan, ND and Bemidji, MN: Environmental Forensics, v. 8, iss. 1-2, p. 139-153. [get publication]
2006Gamage, K, Bekins, B, and Screaton, E, 2006, Data report: Permeabilities of eastern equatorial Pacific and Peru margin sediments: United States Geological Survey. [get publication]
2006Matmon, D., and B.A. Bekins, 2006, Hydromechanics of a high taper angle, low-permeability prism: A case study from Peru, J. Geophys. Res., 111, B07101, doi:10.1029/2005JB003697. [get publication]
2006Saffer, Demian M, and Bekins, Barbara A, 2006, An evaluation of factors influencing pore pressure in accretionary complexes: Implications for taper angle and wedge mechanics: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 111, iss. B4. [get publication]
2005Bekins, Barbara A, Cozzarelli, Isabelle M, and Curtis, Gary P, 2005, A Simple Method for Calculating Growth Rates of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Plumes: Ground Water, v. 43, iss. 6, p. 817-826. [get publication]
2005Bekins, Barbara A, Hostettler, Frances D, Herkelrath, William N, Delin, Geoffrey N, Warren, Ean, and Essaid, Hedeff I, 2005, Progression of methanogenic degradation of crude oil in the subsurface: Environmental Geosciences, v. 12, iss. 2, p. 139-152. [get publication]
2005Green, Christopher T, Stonestrom, David A, Bekins, Barbara A, Akstin, Katherine C, and Schulz, Marjorie S, 2005, Percolation and transport in a sandy soil under a natural hydraulic gradient: Water Resources Research, v. 41, iss. 10. [get publication]
2005Nolan, B.T., Bayless, E.R., Green, C.T., Garg, S., Voss, F.D., Lampe, D.C., Barbash, J.E., Capel, P., and Bekins, B., 2005. Evaluation of unsaturated-zone solute-transport models for studies of agricultural chemicals, U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2005-1196.
2004D'Hondt, Steven, Jørgensen, Bo Barker, Miller, D Jay, Batzke, Anja, Blake, Ruth, Cragg, Barry A, Cypionka, Heribert, Dickens, Gerald R, Ferdelman, Timothy, Hinrichs, Kai-Uwe, Holm, Nils G, Mitterer, Richard, Spivack, Arthur, Wang, Guizhi, Bekins, Barbara, Engelen, Bert, Ford, Kathryn, Gettemy, Glen, Rutherford, Scott D, Sass, Henrik, Skilbeck, C Gregory, Aiello, Ivano W, Guèrin, Gilles, House, Christopher H, Inagaki, Fumio, Meister, Patrick, Naehr, Thomas, Niitsuma, Sachiko, Parkes, R John, Schippers, Axel, Smith, David C, Teske, Andreas, Wiegel, Juergen, Padilla, Christian Naranjo, and Acosta, Juana Luz Solis, 2004, Distributions of Microbial Activities in Deep Subseafloor Sediments: Science, v. 306, iss. 5705, p. 2216-2221. [get publication]
2004Fulton, Patrick M, Saffer, Demian M, Harris, Robert N, and Bekins, Barbara A, 2004, Re-evaluation of heat flow data near Parkfield, CA: Evidence for a weak San Andreas Fault: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 31, iss. 15. [get publication]
2004Rittmann, B.E., F. Kremer, and B.A. Bekins, 2004, MNA Forum: A panel discussion, Remediation Journal, 14(2):155-160.
2004Warren, Ean, Bekins, Barbara, Godsy, E, and Smith, Virginia, 2004, Inhibition of Acetoclastic Methanogenesis in Crude Oil- and Creosote-Contaminated Groundwater: Bioremediation Journal, v. 8, iss. 1-2, p. 1-11. [get publication]
2003Essaid, Hedeff I, Cozzarelli, Isabelle M, Eganhouse, Robert P, Herkelrath, William N, Bekins, Barbara A, and Delin, Geoffrey N, 2003, Inverse modeling of BTEX dissolution and biodegradation at the Bemidji, MN crude-oil spill site: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, v. 67, iss. 1–4, p. 269-299. [get publication]
2003Ge, S, Bekins, B, Bredehoeft, J, Brown, K, Davis, E E, Gorelick, S M, Henry, P, Kooi, H, Moench, A F, Ruppel, C, Sauter, M, Screaton, E, Swart, P K, Tokunaga, T, Voss, C I, and Whitaker, F, 2003, Fluid flow in sub-sea floor processes and future ocean drilling: Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union, v. 84, iss. 16. [get publication]
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2003Warren, E, Bekins, B A, Godsy, E M, and Smith, V K, 2003, Inhibition of Acetoclastic Methanogenesis in Crude Oil- and Creosote-Contaminated Groundwater: United States Geological Survey, p. 139-149. [get publication]
2002Bekins, B A, Cozzarelli, I M, Warren, E, and Godsy, E M, 2002, Microbial ecology of a crude-oil contaminated aquifer: p. 57-63.