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2016Jepsen, S.M., Walvoord, M.A., Voss, C.I., and Rover, J. (2016) Effect of permafrost thaw on the dynamics of lakes recharged by ice-jam floods: case study of Yukon Flats, Alaska, Hydrological Processes, doi:10.1002/hyp.10756 [get publication]
2016Kurylyk, B. L., M. Hayashi, W. L. Quinton, J. M. McKenzie, and C. I. Voss (2016), Influence of vertical and lateral heat transfer on permafrost thaw, peatland landscape transition, and groundwater flow, Water Resour. Res., 52, 1286–1305, doi:10.1002/ 2015WR018057.
2015Burns, E.R., Williams, C.F., Ingebritsen, S.E., Voss, C.I., Spane, F.A., and DeAngelo, J., 2015, Understanding heat and groundwater flow through continental flood basalt provinces: Insights gained from alternative models of permeability/depth relationships for the Columbia Plateau, USA: Geofluids, v. 15, p. 120-138,doi:10.1111/gfl.12095.
2014Briggs, M.A., Walvoord, M.A., McKenzie, J.M., Voss, C.I., Day-Lewis, F.D., and Lane, J.W., 2014, New permafrost is forming around shrinking arctic lakes, but will it last?: Geophysical Research Letters, doi: 10.1002/2014GL059251
2014Khan MR, Voss CI, Yu W, Michael HA (2014) Water resources management in the Ganges Basin: A comparison of three strategies for conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water. Water Resources Management 28:5 1235-1250 doi:1235-1250 10.1007/s11269-014-0537-y.
2014Kurylyk BL, MacQuarrie KTB, Voss CI (2014) Climate change impacts on the temperature and magnitude of groundwater discharge from shallow, unconfined aquifers - Water Resources Research 50:4 3253–3274 doi:10.1002/2013WR014588.
2014Kurylyk BL, McKenzie JM, MacQuarrie KTB, Voss CI (2014) Analytical solutions for benchmarking cold regions subsurface water flow and energy transport models: one-dimensional soil thaw with conduction and advection. Advances in Water Resources 70 172–184 doi:0.1016/j.advwatres.2014.05.005.
2014Thomas MA, Loague K, Voss CI (2014) Fluid pressure responses for a Devil's Slide-like system: problem formulation and simulation. Hydrological Processes doi:10.1002/hyp.10267.
2013Jepsen S, Voss CI, Walvoord MA, Minsley B, Rover J (2013) Linkages between lake shrinkage/expansion and sublacustrine permafrost distribution determined from remote sensing of Interior Alaska, USA. Geophys Res Lett 40:5 882-887 doi:10.1002/grl.50187.
2013Jepsen SM, Voss CI, Walvoord MA, Rose JR, Minsley BJ, Smith BD (2013) Sensitivity analysis of lake mass balance in discontinuous permafrost: the example of disappearing Twelvemile Lake, Yukon Flats, Alaska (USA) Smith Hydrogeology Journal 21:1 185-200 doi: 10.1007/s10040-012-0896-5.
2013Lindgren G, Voss CI, Geier J (2013) Brine intrusion by upconing for a high-level nuclear waste repository at Forsmark, Sweden: Scoping calculations. Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) 2013:28 ISSN:2000-0456, 47p.
2013McKenzie JM, Voss CI (2013) Permafrost thaw in a nested groundwater-flow system. Hydrogeology Journal 21:1 299-316 doi:10.1007/s10040-012-0942-3.
2013Sahu P, Michael HA, Voss CI, Sikdar PK (2013) Impacts on groundwater recharge areas of megacity pumping: analysis of potential contamination of Kolkata, India, water supply. Hydrological Sciences Journal 58:6 1340-1360 doi:10.1080/02626667.2013.813946.
2013Voss CI, Soliman SM (2013) The transboundary non-renewable Nubian Aquifer System of Chad, Egypt, Libya and Sudan: classical groundwater questions and parsimonious hydrogeologic analysis and modeling. Hydrogeology Journal 22:2 (2014) 441-468 doi:10.1007/s10040-013-1039-3 (with Electronic Supplementary Material).
2013Wellman TP, Voss CI, Walvoord, MA (2013) Impacts of climate, lake size, and supra- and sub-permafrost groundwater flow on lake-talik evolution, Yukon Flats, Alaska, USA. Hydrogeology Journal 21:1 281-298 doi:10.1007/s10040-012-0941-4.
2012Jepsen SM, Koch J, Rose J, Voss CI, Walvoord MA (2012) Thermal and hydrological observations near Twelvemile Lake in discontinuous permafrost, Yukon Flats, interior Alaska, September 2010 - August 2011. US Geological Survey Open File Report 2012-1121, 25p
2012Jepsen SM, Voss CI, Walvoord MA, Rose JR, Minsley BJ, Smith BD (2012) Sensitivity analysis of lake mass balance in discontinuous permafrost: the example of disappearing Twelvemile Lake, Yukon Flats, Alaska (USA). Hydrogeology Journal 21:1 185-200 doi:10.1007/s10040-012-0896-5
2012Kiro Y, Yechieli Y, Voss CI, Starinsky A, Weinstein Y (2012) Modeling radium distribution in coastal aquifers during sea level changes: The Dead Sea case. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 88 237–254 doi:10.1016/j.gca.2012.03.022
2012Minsley BJ, Abraham JD, Smith BD, Cannia JC, Voss CI, Jorgenson MT, Walvoord MA, Wylie BK, Anderson L, Ball LB, Deszcz-Pan M, Wellman TP, Ager TA (2012) Airborne electromagnetic imaging of discontinuous permafrost. Geophysical Research Letters 39:2 L02503 doi:10.1029/2011GL050079. [get publication]
2012Provost AM, Voss CI, Neuzil CE (2012) Glaciation and regional ground-water flow in the Fennoscandian Shield. Geofluids 12:1 79-96 doi:10.1111/j.1468-8123.2012.00361.x. [get publication]
2012Voss, Clifford I, 2012, Editor’s message: Editors’ Choice articles for 2011 and upcoming theme issues: Hydrogeology Journal, v. 20, iss. 3, p413. [get publication]
2012Walvoord MA, Voss CI, Wellman TP (2012) Influence of permafrost distribution on groundwater flow in the context of climate-driven permafrost thaw: Example from Yukon Flats Basin, Alaska, USA. Water Resources Research 48:7 doi:10.1029/2011WR011595, 17p.
2011Ball LB, Smith BD, Minsley BJ, Abraham JD, Voss CI, Astley BN, Deszcz-Pan M, Cannia JC (2011) Airborne electromagnetic and magnetic geophysical survey data of the Yukon Flats and Fort Wainwright areas, central Alaska, June 2010. US Geological Survey Open-File Report 2011-1304, 28p.
2011Ge S, McKenzie JM, Voss CI, Wu Q (2011) Exchange of groundwater and surface-water mediated by permafrost response to seasonal and long term air temperature variation. Geophys Res Lett 38 L14402 doi:10.1029/2011GL047911.
2011Voss CI (2011) Editor’s message: Groundwater modeling fantasies - Part 1, adrift in the details. Hydrogeology Journal 19:7 1281-1284 doi:10.1007/s10040-011-0789-z [get publication]
2011Voss CI (2011) Editor’s message: Groundwater modeling fantasies - Part 2, down to earth. Hydrogeology Journal 19:8 1455-1458 doi:10.1007/s10040-011-0790-6 [get publication]
2011Voss, Clifford I, 2011, Editor’s message: Hydrogeology Journal news about staff and Editors’ Choice articles: Hydrogeology Journal, v. 19, iss. 5, p. 957-958. [get publication]
2010Burgess WG, Hoque MA, Michael HA, Voss CI, Breit GM, Ahmed KA (2010) Vulnerability of deep groundwater in the Bengal Aquifer System to contamination by arsenic. Nature Geoscience 3:2 83-87 doi:10.1038/ngeo750. [get publication]
2010Misut PE, Yulinsky W, Cohen D, Germain DS, Voss CI, Monti Jr, J (2010) A SUTRA Model of Seawater Intrusion in Western Long Island, New York. in Proceedings of 20th Conference on the Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York, Long Island Assoc Prof Geologists , Department of Geosciences SUNY Stony Brook, 1-5.
2010Simmons CT, Bauer-Gottwein P, Graf T, Kinzelbach W, Kooi H, Li L, Post V, Prommer H, Therrien R, Voss CI, Werner, A (2010) Variable density groundwater flow: from modelling to applications. in HS Wheater, SA Mathias, X Li, eds, Groundwater Modelling in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas, International Hydrology Series, Cambridge University Press, London, 87-117.
2010Voss CI, Simmons CT, Robinson NI (2010) Three-dimensional benchmark for variable-density flow and transport simulation: matching semi-analytic stability modes for steady unstable convection in an inclined porous box. Hydrogeology Journal 18:1 5-23 doi:10.1007/s10040-009-0556-6. [get publication]
2009Michael HA, Voss CI (2009a) Controls on groundwater flow in the Bengal Basin of India and Bangladesh: regional modeling analysis. Hydrogeology Journal 17: 7 1561-1577 doi:10.1007/s10040-008-0429-4. [get publication]
2009Michael HA, Voss CI (2009b) Estimation of regional-scale groundwater flow properties in the Bengal Basin of India and Bangladesh. Hydrogeology Journal 17:6 1329-1346 doi:10.1007/s10040-009-0443-1. [get publication]
2009Yager RM, Voss CI, Southworth S (2009) Comparison of alternative representations of hydraulic-conductivity anisotropy in folded fractured-sedimentary rock: modeling groundwater flow in the Shenandoah Valley (USA). Hydrogeology Journal 17:5 1111-1131 doi: 10.1007/s10040-008-0431-x. [get publication]
2008Michael HA, Voss CI (2008) Evaluation of the sustainability of deep groundwater as an arsenic-safe resource in the Bengal Basin. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences PNAS 105:25 8531-8536 doi:10.1073/pnas.0710477105. [get publication]
2008Yager RM, Southworth S, Voss CI (2008) Simulation of ground-water flow in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia and West Virginia, using variable-direction anisotropy in hydraulic conductivity to represent bedrock structure. US Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2008–5002, 55p. [get publication]
2007Abarca E, Carrera J, Sánchez-Vila X, Voss CI (2007) Quasi-horizontal circulation cells in 3D seawater intrusion. Journal of Hydrology 339:3-4 118-129 doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2007.02.017. [get publication]
2007Langevin CD, Lebbe L, Bakker M, Voss CI (2007) Twentieth Salt Water Intrusion Meeting planned for June 23 to 27, 2008, in Naples, Florida. Groundwater 45:6 657-658 doi:10.1111/j.1745-6584.2007.00375.x
2007McKenzie JM, Siegel DI, Rosenberry DO, Glaser PH, Voss CI (2006) Heat transport in the Red Lake Bog, Glacial Lake Agassiz Peatlands. Hydrogeological Processes 21:3 369-378 doi:10.1002/hyp.6239-3. [get publication]
2007McKenzie JM, Voss CI, Siegel DI (2007) Groundwater flow with energy transport and water-ice phase change: simulations, benchmarks, and application to freezing in peat bogs. Adv. Water Resources, 30:4 966-983 doi:10.1016/j.advwatres.2006.08.008. [get publication]
2007Misut PE, Voss CI (2007) Freshwater-saltwater transition zone movement during aquifer storage and recovery cycles in Brooklyn and Queens, New York City, USA. J Hydrology 337:1-2 87-103 doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2007.01.035. [get publication]
2006Konikow LF, Reilly TE, Barlow PM, Voss CI (2006) Chapter 23: Groundwater Modeling. in J Delleur, ed, The Handbook of Groundwater Engineering, Second Edition: Boca Raton, CRC Press, 54p.
2006Provost AM, Payne DF, Voss CI (2006) Simulation of Saltwater Movement in the Upper Floridan Aquifer in the Savannah, Georgia-Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Area, Predevelopment–2004, and Projected Movement for 2000 Pumping Conditions, US Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2006-5058, 124p.
2006Sanz E, Voss CI (2006) Inverse modeling for seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers: Insights about parameter sensitivities, variances, correlations and estimation procedures derived from the Henry problem. Adv Water Res 29 439-457 doi:10.1016/j.advwatres.2005.05.014 [get publication]
2005Gingerich SB, Voss CI (2005) Three-dimensional variable-density flow simulation of a coastal aquifer in southern Oahu, Hawaii, USA. Hydrogeology Journal 13:2 436-450 doi:10.1007/s10040-004-0371-z. [get publication]
2005Voss CI (2005) The future of hydrogeology. Hydrogeology Journal 13:1 1-6 doi:10.1007/s10040-005-0435-8.
2004Marin LE, Voss CI (2004) SWICA - 2 M3: Second Conference on Salt Water Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers: Monitoring, Modeling, and Management. Ground Water 42:3 318-318 doi:10.1111/j.1745-6584.2004.tb02678.x
2004Misut PE, Voss CI (2004) Simulation of seawater intrusion resulting from proposed expanded pumpage in New York City, USA. in CT Miller, MW Farthing, WG Gray, GF Pinder, eds, Computational Methods in Water Resources, Proceedings of the XVth International Conference on Computational Methods in Water Resources (CMWR XV), June 13-17 2004, Chapel Hill, NC, USA: Elsevier, 1595-1606. [get publication]
2004Sanz E, Voss CI (2004) Inverse modelling for coastal seawater intrusion: Insights about parameter sensitivities, variances, correlations and estimation procedures derived from noiseless theoretical problems. in L Araguás, E Custodio, M Manzano, eds, Groundwater and saline intrusion, Selected papers from the 18th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, 18 SWIM 2004, Cartagena, Spain. Serie: Hidrogeología y aguas subterranes nº 15.Spanish Geological Survey (IGME) 93-96.
2004Weatherill D, Simmons C, Voss CI, Robinson N (2004) Testing density-dependent groundwater models: two-dimensional steady unstable convection in infinite, finite & inclined porous layers. Adv Water Res 27:5 547-562 doi:10.1016/j.advwatres.2004.01.003. [get publication]
2004Winston RB, Voss CI, 2004, SutraGUI, a graphical interface for SUTRA, a model for ground-water flow with solute or energy transport. US Geological Survey Open-File Report 2003-285, 114p. [get publication]
2003Ge, S, Bekins, B, Bredehoeft, J, Brown, K, Davis, E E, Gorelick, S M, Henry, P, Kooi, H, Moench, A F, Ruppel, C, Sauter, M, Screaton, E, Swart, P K, Tokunaga, T, Voss, C I, and Whitaker, F, 2003, Fluid flow in sub-sea floor processes and future ocean drilling: Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union, v. 84, iss. 16. [get publication]
2003Voss, Clifford I, 2003, Announcing a Hydrogeology Journal theme issue on "The Future of Hydrogeology": Hydrogeology Journal, v. 11, iss. 4, p. 415-417. [get publication]
2002Abarca E, Carrera J, Voss CI, Sánchez-Vila X (2002) Effect of aquifer bottom morphology on seawater intrusion. Proceedings of 17th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM-17), Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, 11p.
2002Geier, J, Voss, C I, and Dverstorp, B, 2003, Conceptual uncertainty in crystalline bedrock: Is simple evaluation the only practical approach? in K Kovar, Z Hrkal, eds, Calibration and Reliability in Groundwater Modelling - A Few Steps Closer to Reality: IAHS publication 277, 296-302. [get publication]