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2012Mantilla, Ricardo, Gupta, Vijay K, and Troutman, Brent M, 2012, Extending generalized Horton laws to test embedding algorithms for topologic river networks: Geomorphology, v. 151–152, iss. 0, p. 13-26. [get publication]
2011Mantilla, R, Gupta, V K, and Troutman, B M, 2011, Scaling of peak flows with constant flow velocity in random self-similar networks: Nonlin. Processes Geophys., v. 18, iss. 4, p. 489-502. [get publication]
2010Gupta, Vijay K, Mantilla, Ricardo, Troutman, Brent M, Dawdy, David, and Krajewski, Witold F, 2010, Generalizing a nonlinear geophysical flood theory to medium-sized river networks: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 37, iss. 11. [get publication]
2010Mantilla, Ricardo, Troutman, Brent M, and Gupta, Vijay K, 2010, Testing statistical self-similarity in the topology of river networks: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 115, iss. F3. [get publication]
2010Morin, Roger H, LeBlanc, Denis R, and Troutman, Brent M, 2010, The influence of topology on hydraulic conductivity in a sand-and-gravel aquifer: Ground water, v. 48, iss. 2, p. 181-190. [get publication]
2008Furey, Peter R, and Troutman, Brent M, 2008, A consistent framework for Horton regression statistics that leads to a modified Hack's law: Geomorphology, v. 102, iss. 3–4, p. 603-614. [get publication]
2007Gupta, Vijay K, Troutman, Brent M, and Dawdy, David R, 2007, Towards a Nonlinear Geophysical Theory of Floods in River Networks: An Overview of 20 Years of Progress Chapter 8: Springer New York, p. 121-151. [get publication]
2005Troutman, Brent M, 2005, SCALING OF FLOW DISTANCE IN RANDOM SELF-SIMILAR CHANNEL NETWORKS: Fractals, v. 13, iss. 04, p. 265-282. [get publication]
2005Troutman, Brent M, Edelmann, Patrick, and Dash, Russell G, 2005, Variability of differences between two approaches for determining ground-water discharge and pumpage, including effects of time trends, Lower Arkansas River Basin, southeastern Colorado, 1998-2002: United States Geological Survey. [get publication]
2004Troutman, Brent M, 2004, Rainfall, Landforms, and Streamflow: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: Hoboken, NJ, USA. [get publication]
2003Troutman, Brent M, and Karlinger, Michael R, 2003, Regional flood probabilities: Water Resources Research, v. 39, iss. 4. [get publication]
2003Veitzer, Seth A, Troutman, Brent M, and Gupta, Vijay K, 2003, Power-law tail probabilities of drainage areas in river basins: Physical Review E, v. 68, iss. 1. [get publication]
2002Moody, John A, and Troutman, Brent M, 2002, Characterization of the spatial variability of channel morphology: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, v. 27, iss. 12, p. 1251-1266. [get publication]