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2013Cornelissen, Gerard, Rutherford, D.W., Arp, H.P.H., Dörsch, P., Kelly, C.N., and Rostad, C.E., 2013, Sorption of Pure N2O to Biochars and Other Organic and Inorganic Materials under Anhydrous Conditions, Environ. Sci. Technol., 47 (14), pp 7704–7712, DOI: 10.1021/es400676q.
2013Kelly, Charlene N., Peltz, Christopher D., Stanton, Mark, Rutherford, David W., Rostad, Colleen E., in journal review, Biochar application to hardrock mine tailings: Soil quality, microbial activity, and toxic element sorption, approved for submission to Applied Geochemistry, April 2013.
2012Rutherford, D.W., Wershaw, R.L., Rostad, C.E., Kelly, C.N., 2012, Effect of formation conditions on biochars: Compositional and structural properties of cellulose, lignin, and pine biochars, Biomass and Bioenergy, v. 46, p. 693-701.
2011Rostad, C E, and Rutherford, D W, 2011, Biochar for soil fertility and natural carbon sequestration: U.S. Geological Survey. [get publication]
2011Rostad, Colleen, Schmitt, Christopher, Schumacher, John, and Leiker, Thomas, 2011, An Exploratory Investigation of Polar Organic Compounds in Waters from a Lead–Zinc Mine and Mill Complex: Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, v. 217, iss. 1, p. 431-443. [get publication]
2010Iko, W M, Berven, J, Baeten, L A, Rostad, C E, Rutherford, D W, Otten, C J, and Winter, P, 2010, Adverse effects to Northern Shovelers from exposure to treated wastewater from Central Front Range, Colorado, wastewater treatment plants: U.S. Geological Survey Administrative Report.
2010Rostad, Colleen E, 2010, Analysis of solvent dyes in refined petroleum products by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry: Fuel, v. 89, iss. 5, p. 997-1005. [get publication]
2009Rostad, C E, and Sanford, W E, 2009, Polar organic compounds in pore waters of the Chesapeake Bay impact structure, Eyreville core hole: Character of the dissolved organic carbon and comparison with drilling fluids: v. 458, p. 891-904.
2008Hostettler, Frances D, Bekins, Barbara A, Rostad, Colleen E, and Herkelrath, William N, 2008, Response to Commentary on Observed Methanogenic Biodegradation Progressions: Environmental Forensics, v. 9, iss. 2-3, p. 121-126. [get publication]
2007Hostettler, Frances D, Wang, Yi, Huang, Yongsong, Cao, Weihuan, Bekins, Barbara A, Rostad, Colleen E, Kulpa, Charles F, and Laursen, Andrew, 2007, Forensic Fingerprinting of Oil-Spill Hydrocarbons in a Methanogenic Environment–Mandan, ND and Bemidji, MN: Environmental Forensics, v. 8, iss. 1-2, p. 139-153. [get publication]
2007Leenheer, Jerry A, Izbicki, John A, Rostad, Colleen E, Noyes, Ted I, and Woodside, Greg, 2007, Discovery of Cyanuric Acid During an Assessment of Natural Organic Matter in Stormflow Water of the Santa Ana River, Southern California, 2003-2004: Geological Survey (U.S.). [get publication]
2007Rostad, C, and Daniel, S, 2007, Distribution of Selected Halogenated Organic Compounds Among Suspended Particulate, Colloid, and Aqueous Phases in the Mississippi River and Major Tributaries: Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, v. 53, iss. 2, p. 151-158. [get publication]
2007Rostad, Colleen E, 2007, Studies on Disinfection By-Products and Drinking Water: United States Geological Survey. [get publication]
2007Rostad, Colleen E, and Hostettler, Frances D, 2007, Profiling Refined Hydrocarbon Fuels Using Polar Components: Environmental Forensics, v. 8, iss. 1-2, p. 129-137. [get publication]
2003Barber, L.B. and Rostad, C.E., 2003, Specific organic contaminants: Chapter 12 in Schroeder, R.A., ed., Water-Quality Changes and Organic-Carbon Characterization During Recharge with Recycled Water at a Research Basin in Montebello Forebay, Los Angeles, California, 1991-1996: U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 03-4146, p. 116-122.
2003Wershaw, R L, Rutherford, D W, Rostad, C E, Garbarino, J R, Ferrer, Imma, Kennedy, K R, Momplaisir, Georges-Marie, and Grange, Andrew, 2003, Mass spectrometric identification of an azobenzene derivative produced by smectite-catalyzed conversion of 3-amino-4-hydroxyphenylarsonic acid: Talanta, v. 59, iss. 6, p. 1219-1226. [get publication]
1995Leenheer, J A, Barber, L B, Rostad, C E, and Noyes, T I, 1995, Data on natural organic substances in dissolved, colloidal, suspended-silt and -clay, and bed-sediment phases in the Mississippi River and some of its tributaries, 1991-92: U.S. Geological Survey : Earth Science Information Center, Open-File Reports Section [distributor],. [get publication]
1995Pereira, Wilfred E, Moody, J A, Hostettler, F D, Rostad, C E, and Leiker, T J, 1995, Concentrations and mass transport of pesticides and organic contaminants in the Mississippi River and some of its tributaries, 1987-89 and 1991-92: U.S. Geological Survey : Earth Science Information Center, Open-File Reports Section [distributor],. [get publication]