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2017Akob, D. M., Baesman, S.M., Sutton, J.M., Fierst, J.L., Mumford, A.C., Shrestha, Y., Poret-Peterson, A.T., Bennett, S., Dunlap, D.S., Haase, K.B., Oremland, R.S., 2017, Detection of Diazotrophy in the Acetylene-Fermenting Anaerobe, Pelobacter strain SFB93. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, in press.
2017Mao, X., Oremland, R.S., Liu, T., Gushgari, S., Landers, A.A., Baesman, S.M., Alvarez-Cohen, L., 2017, Acetylene fuels TCE reductive dechlorination by defined Dehalococcoides/Pelobacter consortia. Environmental Science and Technology. [get publication]
2017Oremland, R. S. and Stolz, J. F., 2017, Metabolomic changes in response to toxic arsenite. Environ Microbiol. [get publication]
2017Oremland, R.S., Saltikov, C.W., Stolz, J.F., Hollibaugh, J.T., 2017, Autotrophic microbial arsenotrophy in arsenic-rich soda lakes. FEMS Microbiology Letters, 364(15). [get publication]
2017Staicu, L. C.; Oremland, R. S.; Tobe, R.; Mihara, H. Chapter 6: Bacteria Versus Selenium: A View from the Inside Out. In Selenium in plants; Plant Ecophysiology; Springer International Publishing, 2017; Vol. 11, pp 79–108. [get publication]
2017Sutton JM, Baesman SM, Fierst JL, Poret-Peterson AT, Oremland RS, Dunlap DS, Akob DM. 2017. Complete genome sequence of the acetylene-fermenting Pelobacter sp. strain SFB93. Genome Announc 5:e01573-16. [get publication]
2017Sutton JM, Baesman SM, Fierst JL, Poret-Peterson AT, Oremland RS, Dunlap DS, Akob DM. 2017. Complete genome sequences of two acetylene-fermenting Pelobacter acetylenicusstrains. Genome Announc 5:e01572-16. [get publication]
2016Hernandez-Maldonado J, Stoneburner B, Boren A, Miller L, Rosen M, Oremland RS, Saltikov CW. 2016. Genome sequence of the photoarsenotrophic bacterium Ectothiorhodospira sp. strain BSL-9, isolated from a hypersaline alkaline arsenic-rich extreme environment. Genome Announc 4(5):e01139-16. [get publication]
2016Hernandez-Maldonado, J., Sanchez-Sedillo, B., Stoneburner, B., Boren, A., Miller, L., McCann, S., Rosen, M., Oremland, R. S., Saltikov, C. W., 2016, The genetic basis of anoxygenic photosynthetic arsenite oxidation: Environmental Microbiology. [get publication]
2016Li, J., Wang, Q., Oremland, R.S., Kulp, T.R., Rensing, C., Wang, G., 2016, Microbial antimony biogeochemistry: enzymes, regulation, and related metabolic pathways: Appl Environ Microbiol, 82:5482–5495. [get publication]
2016Maizel, D., Blum. J.S., Ferrero, M.A., Utturkar, S. M., Brown, S.D., Rosen, B.P., Oremland, R.O., 2016, Characterization of the extremely arsenic-resistantBrevibacterium linens strain AE038-8 isolated from contaminated groundwater in Tucuman, Argentina: International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, 107, 147-153, doi:10.1016/j.ibiod.2015.11.022.
2016McCann, S.H., Boren, A., Hernandez-Maldonado, J., Stoneburner, B., Saltikov, C.W., Stolz, J.F., Oremland, R.S., 2016, Arsenite as an electron donor for anoxygenic photosynthesis: Description of three strains of Ectothiorhodospria from Mono Lake, California, and Big Soda Lake, Nevada, Life, 7(1). [get publication]
2016Varaljay, V. A., Satagopan, S., North, J. A., Witte, B., Dourado, M. N., Anantharaman, K., Arbing, M. A., McCann, S. H., Oremland, R. S., Banfield, J. F., Wrighton, K. C. and Tabita, F. R., 2016, Functional metagenomic selection of ribulose 1, 5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase from uncultivated bacteria: Environ Microbiol. [get publication]
2015Baesman, S.M., Miller, L.G., Wei, J.H., Cho, Y., Matys, E.D., Summons, R.E., Welander, P.V., and Ronald S. Oremland, R.S. 2015. Methane Oxidation and Molecular Characterization of Methanotrophs from a Former Mercury Mine Impoundment:  Microorganisms 2015, 3, 290-309; doi:10.3390/microorganisms3020290.
2015Miller, L.G., Baesman, S.M., Oremland, R. S., 2015, Stable Carbon Isotope Fractionation during Bacterial Acetylene Fermentation: Potential for Life Detection in Hydrocarbon-Rich Volatiles of Icy Planet(oid)s: Astrobiology, 15, DOI: 10.1089/ast.2015.1355
2015Oremland, R.S. 2015. Geomicrobial Interactions with Arsenic and Antimony in Ehrlich’s Geomicrobiology, Sixth Edition Edited by Henry Lutz Ehrlich, Dianne K. Newman, and Andreas Kappler, CRC Press 2015, pp 297-321. Print ISBN: 978-1-4665-9240-7, eBook ISBN: 978-1-4665-9241-4.
2015Planer-Friedrich, B., Hartig, C., Lohmayer, R., Suess, E., McCann, S.H., and Oremland, R. 2015. Anaerobic Chemolithotrophic Growth of the Haloalkaliphilic Bacterium Strain MLMS‑1 by Disproportionation of Monothioarsenate:  Environ. Sci. Technol. 2015, 49, 6554−6563
2015Switzer Blum, J., Hoeft McCann, S., Bennett, S., Miller, L.G., Stolz, J.R., Stoneburner, B., Saltikov, C., and Oremland, R.S. 2015. A microbial arsenic cycle in sediments of an acidic mine impoundment: Herman Pit, Clear Lake, California. Geomicrobiology Journal, DOI: 10.1080/01490451.2015.1080323 [get publication]
2015Terry, L.R., Kulp, T.R., Wiatrowski, H., Miller, L.G., Oremland, R.S., 2015. Microbiological oxidation of antimony(III) with oxygen or nitrate by bacteria isolated from contaminated mine sediments. Appl Environ Microbiol, v. 81, p. 8478–8488. [get publication]
2014Kulp, T.R., Laurence G. Miller, Franco Braiotta, Samuel M. Webb, Benjamin D. Kocar, Jodi S. Blum, and Ronald S. Oremland, 2014, Microbiological Reduction of S(V) in Anoxic Freshwater Sediments Environ. Sci. Technol. 2014, 48, 218−226,
2014Miller LG, Baesman SM, Carlström CI, Coates JD and Oremland RS, 2014. Methane oxidation linked to chlorite dismutation. Front. Microbiol. 5:275. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2014.00275
2013Miller, L.G., Baesman, S.M., Kirshtein, J., Voytek, M.A., and Oremland, R.S. 2013. A biogeochemical and genetic survey of acetylene fermentation by environmental samples and bacterial isolates. Geomicrobiol. Journ. vol. 30, 501-516.
2012Blum, J.S., Kulp, T.R., Han, S., Lanoil, B., Saltikov, C.W., Stolz, J.F., Miller, L.G., and Oremland, R.S. 2012. Desulfohalophilus alkaliarsenatis gen. nov., sp. nov., an extremely halophilic sulfate-and arsenate-respiring bacterium from Searles Lake, California. Extremophiles, vol. 16, 727- 742.
2012Oremland, R.S. 2012. Arsenic and Life. p. 17 – 27 in (J. Drelich, editor) Water in Mineral Processing, Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Englewood, CO.
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2011Hoeft, S E, Kulp, T R, Han, S, Lanoil, B, and Oremland, R S, 2011, Correction - Coupled arsenotrophy in a hot spring photosynthetic biofilm at Mono Lake, California: Applied and Environmental Microbiology, v. 77.
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2011Wolfe-Simon, Felisa, Blum, Jodi Switzer, Kulp, Thomas R, Gordon, Gwyneth W, Hoeft, Shelley E, Pett-Ridge, Jennifer, Stolz, John F, Webb, Samuel M, Weber, Peter K, Davies, Paul C W, Anbar, Ariel D, and Oremland, Ronald S, 2011, Response to Comments on “A Bacterium That Can Grow Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus”: Science, v. 332, iss. 6034, 1149 p. [get publication]
2010Hoeft, Shelley E, Kulp, Thomas R, Han, Sukkyun, Lanoil, Brian, and Oremland, Ronald S, 2010, Coupled Arsenotrophy in a Hot Spring Photosynthetic Biofilm at Mono Lake, California: Applied and Environmental Microbiology, v. 76, iss. 14, p. 4633-4639. [get publication]
2010Liao, Kang-Shyang, Wang, Jun, Dias, Sampath, Dewald, James, Alley, Nigel J, Baesman, Shaun M, Oremland, Ronald S, Blau, Werner J, and Curran, Seamus A, 2010, Strong nonlinear photonic responses from microbiologically synthesized tellurium nanocomposites: Chemical Physics Letters, v. 484, iss. 4–6, p. 242-246. [get publication]
2010Oremland, R.S. 2010. NO connection with methane. Nature 464: 500 – 501.
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2009Baesman, S, Stolz, J, Kulp, T, and Oremland, Ronald, 2009, Enrichment and isolation of Bacillus beveridgei sp. nov., a facultative anaerobic haloalkaliphile from Mono Lake, California, that respires oxyanions of tellurium, selenium, and arsenic: Extremophiles, v. 13, iss. 4, p. 695-705. [get publication]
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2005Miller, Laurence G, Oremland, Ronald S, and Baesman, Shaun M, 2005, United States Patent: 6916446 - Bioreactor method, apparatus and product thereby: The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy (Washington, DC). [get publication]
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