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2015Campbell, K. M., Gallegos, T. J., Landa, E. R. (2015) Biogeochemical aspects of uranium mining, milling, and remediation. Applied Geochemistry 57: 206-235.
2014Nimmo, J.R., Hermann, P.M., Kirkham, M.B., and Landa, E.R., 2014, Pollen Dispersal by Catapult--Experiments of Lyman J. Briggs on the Flower of Mountain Laurel: Physics in Perspective, v. 16, no. 3, p. 371-389.
2011Gibb, Herman, Haver, Cary, Kozlov, Kostj, Centeno, Jose A, Jurgenson, Vera, Kolker, Allan, Conko, Kathryn M, Landa, Edward R, and Xu, Hanna, 2011, Biomarkers of Mercury Exposure in Two Eastern Ukraine Cities: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, v. 8, iss. 4, p. 187-193. [get publication]
2010Borrok, David M, Gieré, Reto, Ren, Minghua, and Landa, Edward R, 2010, Zinc Isotopic Composition of Particulate Matter Generated during the Combustion of Coal and Coal + Tire-Derived Fuels: Environmental Science & Technology, v. 44, iss. 23, p. 9219-9224. [get publication]
2010Camponelli, Kimberly M, Lev, Steven M, Snodgrass, Joel W, Landa, Edward R, and Casey, Ryan E, 2010, Chemical fractionation of Cu and Zn in stormwater, roadway dust and stormwater pond sediments: Environmental Pollution, v. 158, iss. 6, p. 2143-2149. [get publication]
2010Feller, Christian, Brossard, Michel, Chen, Yona, Landa, Edward R, and Trichet, Jean, 2010, Selected pioneering works on humus in soils and sediments during the 20th century: A retrospective look from the International Humic Substances Society view: Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C, v. 35, iss. 15–18, p. 903-912. [get publication]
2010Landa, E. R. and Feller, C. (eds.), 2010, Soil and Culture. Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands; 488 p (+color plates).
2010Landa, Edward R, 2010, The ties that bind: Soil surveyor William Edgar Tharp and oceanographic cartographer Marie Tharp: Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C, v. 35, iss. 15–18, p. 868-880. [get publication]
2010Landa, Edward R, and Cohen, Benjamin R, 2010, Studies from the history of soil science and geology: Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C, v. 35, iss. 15–18, p. 849-850. [get publication]
2010Thapalia, Anita, Borrok, David M, Van Metre, Peter C, Musgrove, MaryLynn, and Landa, Edward R, 2010, Zn and Cu Isotopes as Tracers of Anthropogenic Contamination in a Sediment Core from an Urban Lake: Environmental Science & Technology, v. 44, iss. 5, p. 1544-1550. [get publication]
2010Vandenhove, H, Verrezen, F, Landa, E R, and Atwood, E A, 2010, Radium: John Wiley and Sons: Chichester, UK, p. 97-108.
2009Camponelli, Kimberly M, Casey, Ryan E, Snodgrass, Joel W, Lev, Steven M, and Landa, Edward R, 2009, Impacts of weathered tire debris on the development of Rana sylvatica larvae: Chemosphere, v. 74, iss. 5, p. 717-722. [get publication]
2009Kolker, Allan, Panov, Boris S, Panov, Yuri B, Landa, Edward R, Conko, Kathryn M, Korchemagin, Viktor A, Shendrik, Tatiana, and McCord, Jamey D, 2009, Mercury and trace element contents of Donbas coals and associated mine water in the vicinity of Donetsk, Ukraine: International Journal of Coal Geology, v. 79, iss. 3, p. 83-91. [get publication]
2008Gibb, Herman Jones, Kozlov, Kostj, Buckley, Jessie Poulin, Centeno, Jose, Jurgenson, Vera, Kolker, Allan, Conko, Kathryn, Landa, Edward, Panov, Boris, Panov, Yuri, and Xu, Hanna, 2008, Biomarkers of Mercury Exposure at a Mercury Recycling Facility in Ukraine: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, v. 5, iss. 8, p. 483-489. [get publication]
2008Gottipolu, Reddy R, Landa, Edward R, Schladweiler, Mette C, McGee, John K, Ledbetter, Allen D, Richards, Judy H, Wallenborn, Grace J, and Kodavanti, Urmila P, 2008, Cardiopulmonary responses of intratracheally instilled tire particles and constituent metal components: Inhalation toxicology, v. 20, iss. 5, p. 473-484. [get publication]
2008Landa, Edward R, and Uchida, Shigeo, 2008, Radionuclides in soils, 1960–2006: a view from the World Congress of Soil Science: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, v. 99, iss. 6, p. 873-874. [get publication]
2008Lev, S M, Landa, E R, Szlavecz, K, Casey, R, and Snodgrass, J, 2008, Application of synchrotron methods to assess the uptake of roadway-derived Zn by earthworms in an urban soil: Mineralogical Magazine, v. 72, iss. 1, p. 191-195.
2007Landa, E R, 2007, Naturally occurring radionuclides from industrial sources: characteristics and fate in the environment: Elsevier, p. 211-237.
2007Landa, E R, Frossard, E, Blum, W A E, and Warkentin, B P, 2007, From agricultural geology to hydropedology: forging links within the twenty-first-century geoscience community: Geological Society: London, p. 133-140.
2006Jones, Elizabeth J P, Nadeau, Tracie-Lynn, Voytek, Mary A, and Landa, Edward R, 2006, Role of microbial iron reduction in the dissolution of iron hydroxysulfate minerals: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 111, iss. G1. [get publication]
2006Landa, E. R., 2006, From agricultural geology to hydropedology: forging links within the twenty-first-century geoscience community. In: Function of Soils for Human Societies and the Environment. E. Frossard, W. E. H. Blum, and B. P. Warkentin (eds.) Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 266, 133-140.
2005Landa, E R, and Fairchild, M D, 2005, Charting color from the eye of the beholder: American Scientist, v. 93, p. 436-443.
2005Landa, Edward R, 2005, Microbial Biogeochemistry of Uranium Mill Tailings: Academic Press, v. Volume 57, p. 113-130. [get publication]
2005Nimmo, John R, and Landa, Edward R, 2005, The Soil Physics Contributions of Edgar Buckingham: Soil Science Society of America Journal, v. 69, iss. 2. [get publication]
2005Rousseau, J P, Landa, E R, Nimmo, J R, Cecil, L D, Knobel, L L, Glynn, P D, Kwicklis, E M, Curtis, G P, Stollenwerk, K G, Anderson, S R, Bartholomay, R C, Bossong, C R, and Orr, B R, 2005, Review of the transport of selected radionuclides in the interim risk assessment for the Radioactive Waste Management Complex, Waste Area Group 7 Operable Unit 7-13/14, Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, Idaho: .
2005Voytek, M, Ashen, J, Kirshtein, J, Landa, E R, and Fogarty, Lisa R, 2005, Detection of Helicobacter pylori and fecal indicator bacteria in five North American rivers: Journal of Water and Health, v. 3, p. 405-422. [get publication]
2004Councell, Terry B, Duckenfield, Kea U, Landa, Edward R, and Callender, Edward, 2004, Tire-Wear Particles as a Source of Zinc to the Environment: Environmental Science & Technology, v. 38, iss. 15, p. 4206-4214. [get publication]
2004Jurisson, Silvia, Gawenis, James, and Landa, Edward R, 2004, SORPTION OF 99mTc RADIOPHARMACEUTICAL COMPOUNDS BY SOILS: Health Physics, v. 87, iss. 4, p. 423-428. [get publication]
2004Landa, E R, 2004, Albert H. Munsell: A Sense of Color At the Interface of Art... : Soil Science: Soil Science, v. 169, iss. 2, p. 83-89. [get publication]
2004Landa, E R, 2004, Soil science and geology: Connects, disconnects and new opportunities in geoscience education: Journal of Geoscience Education, v. 52, p. 191-196.
2004Landa, Edward R, 2004, Uranium mill tailings: nuclear waste and natural laboratory for geochemical and radioecological investigations: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, v. 77, iss. 1, p. 1-27. [get publication]
2003A, Taskaev, E, Landa, and D, Guryev, 2003, Vodnyi: a Long-term, Low-level Radiation Exposure Field Site in Russia: Journal of Health Physics, v. 38, iss. 4, p. 332-343. [get publication]
2003Landa, E R, and 255, Chemistry v, 2003, Mobilization of radionuclides from uranium mill tailings and related waste materials in anaerobic environments: Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, v. 255, iss. 3, p. 559-563.
2003Landa, E R, and Nimmo, J R, 2003, The life and scientific contributions of Lyman J. Briggs: Soil Science Society of America Journal, v. 67, p. 681-693. [get publication]
2003Panov, B S, Korchemagin, V A, Panov, U B, Kolker, A, Landa, E R, and Condo, K M, 2003, Trace elements in coal and mining waters of Donbas regiona and their effect on the environment: Geology of Coal Fields Interdisciplinary Scientific Thematic Collection, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Ural State Academy of Mining and Geology: Ekaterinburg, Russia.