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Interface of Paleoclimatology and Aquifer Geochemistry

Reconstructions of continental paleoclimates of the Pleistocene Epoch have relied almost exclusively on packrat midden, lacustrine, and speleothem records. The isotopic (deuterium, oxygen-18, carbon-13) record of calcitic veins marking the sites of fossil ground-water discharge, have not been utilized. Preliminary work indicates that such veins contain continuous dateable records of Pleistocene paleoclimate and paleohydrology. The paleohydrologic interpretations should also be pertinent to selection of sites for the disposal and long term isolation of toxic wastes. Project objectives are: (1) infer paleoclimate and paleohydrology of selected regions based on variations in isotopic content of calcitic veins of ground water origin; (2) attempt correlation of inferred local variations in continental paleoclimate with global variations deduced from marine sediment and polar ice core studies; (3) differentiate between, and determine relative magnitude of, summer and winter recharge to major uplands. For a related web page, see A Devils Hole Primer


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