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Transport Phenomena in Fractured Rock

There has been an increasing awareness that in many circumstances the theories associated with the description of hydrogeologic phenomena in granular porous media are unacceptable in the description of these same phenomena in fractured rock and geologic formations having similar characteristics. Due to the wide extent that fractured formations naturally occur and have been utilized for various purposes by man, including proposed repositories for radioactive water, there exists a need to describe and better understand the physics of fluid movement, deformation, contaminant migration and energy transport under the broad range of physical situations where fractured formations exist. Since the description of fractured rock is highly dependent on the scale at which one chooses to observe it, it is necessary to develop mathematical models of transport phenomena in fractured rock under alternative conceptualizations of the medium. A portion of this study shall be devoted to the development of these models and an investigation of the parameters which arise. In addition, physical situations where each conceptualization is applicable, and the adaptability of field measurements to these conceptualizations shall be evaluated.


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