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Hydrogeology of Lakes, Wetlands and Streams

The boundary and physical properties of the sediment-water interface are highly dynamic, controlled by a shifting balance between processes that result in erosion or deposition.  This project investigates the spatial and temporal variability of ground-water surface-water exchange in response to changes in the geometry and hydrogeologic properties of this interface that are driven by episodic and sustained fluvial and hydrologic events.  Episodic events are common and occur across a broad range of physical and climatic settings and are rarely accounted for in scientific investigations or resource management.  Linkages between a dynamic sediment-water interface and the resulting fluxes between ground water and surface water need to be understood, quantified, and modeled to determine their influence on the quantity and quality of our Nation’s water resources as well as the ecological changes that occur at this important ecotone.  Quantification of the spatial and temporal variability of these linkages across the full spectrum of fresh-water settings, including streams and rivers, lakes, wetlands, and estuaries, is required, followed by determination of the larger scale significance of these processes and linkages related to surface-water and ground-water supply, water quality, and water storage. The significance of these processes with regard to climate change also is investigated through a continuation of three decades of data collection at three long-term field sites.  Also see the Shinobee Headwaters Aquatic Ecosystems Project.


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For bibliographic citations by Donald Rosenberry prior to 2007, see Role of Lakes in the Hydrologic System, with Emphasis on Their Relation to Ground-Water


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