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Continental Water, Climate and Earth-System Dynamics

Continental water plays a crucial role in the dynamics of the Earth system. Water availability on land regulates fluxes of water and energy into the atmosphere, thereby playing a major role in the control of Earth's climate. Water availability is also a prime control of the global distribution of ecosystems and net primary productivity, with additional feedbacks to climate through the effect of vegetation on land-surface characteristics. Changes in water storage on the continents are the major control of the seasonal cycle of global-mean sea level and a significant factor in decadal to centennial sea-level rise. The time-varying load of continental water induces detectable deformations of the solid Earth and perturbations in its gravity field. This intimate relation among continental water and other parts of the Earth system presents numerous opportunities for synergy among the scientific disciplines of global hydrology, climate dynamics, global ecology, and geodesy. From a practical standpoint, such opportunities include new avenues for estimation of sensitivities of water-resource availability and streamflow characteristics to global variability and global change.

The project objectives are pursued with a global and interdisciplinary perspective. A balance is maintained among diagnostic analyses, theory, and modeling. Partnerships with other Federal agencies and universities are used to bring scientists from other disciplines into project studies. Especially strong and temporally persistent ties with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) and Princeton University are facilitated by location of the project in Princeton, New Jersey. Also see project home page at GFDL.


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