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Regional Hydrologic Processes

The regional nature of hydrologic processes is generally defined in terms of shared meteorological and basin characteristics. Inferences have been attempted by regressing the parameters of hydrologic interest against these characteristics. Such analyses have not been able to fully explain the variations, extremes or persistence of discharge patterns observed within a geographic area. An accounting of anthropogenic effects on basin characteristics needs to be made. Longer term influences such as decadal to centennial, and millennial climatic fluctuations need to be considered, and the stochastic structure of the hydrologic process itself needs to be studied. The objectives of this project are (1.) to develop secular regional statistics for observed and proxy hydrologic variables, (2.) to use statistical methods to study the influence of climate forcing in such statistics, and identify the effect of long term climatic fluctuations on the nature of hydrologic persistence, and (3) to develop an improved understanding of regional hydrological processes as part of the global hydrologic cycle and its interaction with global climate.

For additional information about the project's collaborative paleoclimatic work see "A Devils Hole Primer".

For information about the HCDN (Hydro-Climatic Data Network), see USGS OFR 92-129.


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For additional bibliographic citations by Ike Winograd, also see Interface of Paleoclimatology and Aquifer Geochemistry

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