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Hydrologic, Ecological, and Biogeochemical Processes in Flowing Waters

There is increasing recognition that the ecological function of rivers, streams, and wetlands are inseparable from the physics of flowing water and its interactions with the aquatic, terrestrial, and subsurface components that delineate the “river and wetland corridor”.  It is the interplay between ecological, geomorphic, hydrologic, and biogeochemical processes that determines ecosystem function.  These factors strongly influence how water quality and quality of aquatic and riparian habitat respond to human disturbances and changing climate.  Improved conservation and restoration of river and wetland corridors requires an integrated approach that recognizes 1) linkages between surface and subsurface flows moving through terrestrial, riparian and aquatic components, and 2) feedbacks between flowing water and the geomorphic and ecological components that together modulate fluid flow, roughness, sediment entrainment and channel morphology in ways that further affect mass transfer of solutes and sediments between zones with different capacities for biogeochemical reactions.  Many of the critical hydrologic and biogeochemical processes occur in complex aquatic environments at close proximity to the sediment interface, within periphyton layers, and on leaves of aquatic and emergent plants where processes are hidden from detection by standard sampling protocols.  Our project addresses the profound need for new concepts, field methods, and cross-disciplinary models to address both the fundamental processes and their cumulative effects on basin-scale water quality and habitat value.

Our project follows four main lines of investigation: (1) developing new concepts and tools to detect and quantify hydrologic fluxes, biogeochemical transformations, and interactions with ecological components within flowing surface waters, including highly episodic flows across floodplains and difficult to detect subsurface flows through hyporheic flow paths beneath stream channels, (2) estimating cumulative effects of those processes at larger (stream-reach and drainage basin) scales using natural and introduced tracers as well as improved and increasingly available data sets from airborne and satellite remote sensing to help integrate across the small-scale variability, (3) improving and advancing the use of numerical modeling codes for analyzing coupled terrestrial and aquatic ecological processes with surface and subsurface flow and transport phenomena, and 4) synthesizing a national-scale understanding of transport conditions in river and wetland corridors across gradients in climate, surficial geology, and human disturbance in the United States that influence residence time of water and fate of dissolved and fine particulate materials in the nation’s flowing waters. For additional information about this project, see project home page.


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