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Shingobee Headwaters Aquatic Ecosystems, Minnesota

Many advances in hydrologic research are limited by the lack of communication between specialists in the large number of disciplines involved in studying the hydrologic system. For example, nearly all specialists need estimates of the fluxes to and from the component of the hydrologic system with which they are dealing. Lack of interaction among specialists studying the interfaces of hydrologic components such as at the ground water-surface water interface, or the earth-atmosphere interface has stymied progress in understanding the mutual interdependence of physical, chemical and biological processes on the site scale as well as on the landscape scale. This project is designed to promote interdisciplinary research, focusing on lakes and their contiguous watersheds. Lakes were selected because they are important aquatic systems that integrate a large number of processes within their watersheds, and they have great importance to society. Initial efforts are focused on the carbon cycle at two contrasting lakes and a few types of wetlands. For current information about work being done by this project, see project's home page.

(includes publications by non-USGS authors, students and professors from various universities)

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