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Up Weather Station Harp Collector Visibility Sensor Throughfall Stream SFC Photos

Photo Gallery for Maui Fog Project

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fogdrip on pukiawe bush   

Fog drip on pukiawe bush at the Waikamoi site.  

USGS gage at Kepuni gulch  

USGS maximum-flow stream gage in Kepuni Gulch on the leeward side of Haleakala.  The arid climate below the upslope fog bank is indicated by the vegetation.  

helicopter carrying equipment to site

Equipment (instruments and sampling gear) were transported to the Waikamoi site by helicopter, courtesy of The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii.

ohia blossoms

The blossom of the ohia tree (Metrosideros polymorpha).

harp type fog collector

Cylindrical (harp) collector at the Waikamoi site, with a 10-gallon tank to hold one month of collected fog water.  The rain isotope collector (bucket with funnel in lid) is in the background.

twig sample for sap isotopes

Sampling ohia twigs for sap isotope composition.  The twigs are pruned from the tree, bark is peeled, then twig segments are put into vials and frozen before shipping to the laboratory.  

large-capacity tipping bucket gage

Large-capacity tipping bucket gages were used to measure fog and throughfall amounts at the site.  This gage is attached to the 1-meter square standard fog collector.  

azeotropic distillation of water from twigs and soils

Water is obtained from tree and soil samples using an azeotropic distillation method prior to isotopic analysis (technician: Irene Hamblen, USGS Reston Stable Isotope Laboratory).




Up Weather Station Harp Collector Visibility Sensor Throughfall Stream SFC Photos


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