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Biogeochemical Controls on Organic Contaminant Degradation in Heterogeneous Near Surface Environments

Quantifying the coupled hydrogeological, microbiological and geochemical processes that control natural attenuation and the redox potential of subsurface systems is fundamental to understanding contaminant transport and protecting drinking water and ecosystem health. Despite the well-recognized importance of mixing interfaces, few field investigations of contaminated systems have targeted these narrow, highly transient zones due to difficulties in obtaining representative hydrologic, geochemical, and microbiological measurements at relevant spatial and temporal scales. This project will use a combined field and laboratory investigative approach to assess the link between hydrology, geochemistry, organic carbon degradation, and the microbial community composition and function and will study the relationship between processes at mixing interfaces such as recharge/plume and ground water/surface water boundaries will be studied. A multi-disciplinary and multi-scale approach will be used to develop conceptual models that link organic carbon degradation to physical, chemical, and biological processes in complex hydrogeological environments in order to provide a comprehensive picture of organic carbon transformation processes in surficial aquifers. For additional information about this project, see project page:
Organic Compounds in Near-Surface Environments: Understanding Fate in a Changing Biogeochmical Landscape.


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For bibliographic information prior to 2004, see the project, Comparative Study of Organic Degradation in Selected Hydrologic Environments


Isabelle M Cozzarelli (professional profile)
U.S. Geological Survey, 431 National Center, 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 20192
Telephone: 703-648-5899

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