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Environmental Dynamics of Persistent Organic Compounds

Many persistent organic compounds are hazardous to human and ecological health. The transport characteristics of these compounds across environmental phases are strongly influenced by adsorption and partition interactions with the individual phases. Quantification of process rates and partition constants of organic pollutants in air, water, soil, and biota is an important step in defining the level of organic contaminants in environmental systems and their potential impact on environmental quality. Project objectives are to delineate and quantify processes affecting the movement and distribution of persistent organic compounds in hydrogeologic systems. Specifically: (1) determine the sorptive capacity of soil and sediment for organic compounds in air and water; (2) identify the roles of soil and sediment organic matter, mineral components, and moisture in sorption of organic compounds; (3) establish the physical basis of bioconcentration and lipophilicity of organic compounds; and (4) characterize the effect of dissolved organic matter on the solubility and mobility of organic contaminants in natural water.


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    Cary T. Chiou, Scientist Emeritus
    U.S. Geological Survey, MS 408, Box 25406 Denver Federal Center, Denver, CO, 80225
    Telephone: 303-236-3967

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