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Coupled Transport and Geochemical Processes Determining the Fate of Chemicals in Surface Waters

Coupled transport and biogeochemical processes determine the fate of chemicals both naturally present in surface waters and those introduced through anthropogenic activities. In mountainous environments, coupled processes operate at scales which can be years and kilometers in watersheds or minutes and decimeters in the hyporheic zone. Although individual processes are often well understood in isolation, the ability to quantify chemical fate across the stream-watershed continuum requires development in design of field experiments and mechanistic formulations to integrate interpretation of multiple processes. This project will develop experimental field techniques and mechanistic formulations to quantitatively identify rates and extents of transport within the stream- watershed continuum. It will focus on transport processes which most influence the fate of chemicals introduced from the surrounding watershed into pristine streams (for example, natural dissolved organic materials and nutrients, as well as, acid mine drainage).

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