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TopoDrive and ParticleFlow

Two Computer Models for Simulation and Visualization of Groundwater Flow and Transport of Fluid Particles in Two Dimensions


The two-dimensional computer models, TopoDrive and ParticleFlow, are designed to simulate two ground-water processes: topography-driven flow and transport of fluid particles. In both cases, the flow is under steady state. The purpose of the two models is to provide interactive simulation and visualization capabilities that enable the user to easily and quickly explore model behavior, and thereby better understand ground-water flow processes. In this regard, TopoDrive and ParticleFlow are not intended to be comprehensive modeling tools, but are designed for modeling at the exploratory or conceptual level, for visual demonstration, and for educational purposes.


The models are available in two versions: Windows and Applet. The Windows version provides stand-alone applications for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The Applet version can be placed on a web server, allowing user access via the Internet. The Applet version can also can run locally on a computer within a Java-enabled web browser. Separate README files for the Windows and Applet versions are included with the distribution files.

Windows version - installation program  (3.2MB)

Applet version - self extracting zip file for Windows  (681KB)

Applet version - compressed tar file for UNIX  (588KB)


Hsieh, P.A., 2001, TopoDrive and ParticleFlow—Two Computer Models for Simulation and Visualization of Ground-Water Flow and Transport of Fluid Particles in Two Dimensions: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01-286, 30 p.

USGS OFR 01-286, Portable Document Format (PDF) (245KB) 

Point of contact for TopoDrive and ParticleFlow:

Paul A. Hsieh
U.S. Geological Survey
345 Middlefield Road, Mail Stop 496
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(electronic mail: )

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