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SUTRA Version 2.1

A model for 2D or 3D saturated-unsaturated, variable-density ground-water flow with solute or energy transport

NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE LATEST VERSION OF SUTRA. THE LATEST VERSION CAN BE OBTAINED AT https://water.usgs.gov/nrp/gwsoftware/sutra/sutra.html.


SUTRA is a model for saturated-unsaturated, variable-density ground-water flow with solute or energy transport. SUTRA Version 2.1 allows the use of irregular meshes in both 2D and 3D simulations and offers convenient incorporation of input data from separate files, greater user control over time stepping, and interpolation of observations in time and space to facilitate inverse modeling.

A Release Notes file containing installation instructions is included with the software. It can also be downloaded separately using the link below.

SUTRA 2.1 Release Notes, Portable Document Format (PDF) (80 KB)

The SutraSuite Online User Reference web site provides a convenient, interactive source of information about theoretical and practical aspects of SUTRA simulation. It includes news, advice on how to get started using SutraSuite, an overview of the software, a gallery of SUTRA simulation results, answers to frequently asked questions, a glossary, in-depth discussions of selected topics, and technical support information, including a troubleshooting guide.

Software (Version 2.1, June 2008)

To download the installation files, click on the links below. (Some web browsers will automatically run the installation program after downloading it. If your browser does not automatically run the installation program, save the installation file on your computer and run it by double-clicking on its icon.) To install the software, follow the instructions provided by the installation program. It is recommended that you accept the default settings during installation.

NOTE: The installation files may be updated from time to time to fix bugs or make other improvements. A "critical" update is one that is required for the proper functioning of some aspect of a code or example problem. If a critical update to an installation file has been issued since you last downloaded that file, it is highly recommended that you check the list of updates on the "SutraSuite Installation File Updates" page to determine whether the update affects your SutraSuite applications. If so, uninstall your current installation (if one exists), then download and install the latest revision of the installation file using the corresponding link below. Minor updates are of lesser importance and may be considered entirely optional. For details on how to install an update, or to view a complete listing of updates to the installation files for SUTRA and the SUTRA examples, see the "SutraSuite Installation File Updates" page. 

Source code, documentation, and executable for Microsoft Windows 9x, NT, ME, 2000, or XP (Self-extracting file, 7.6 MB) [No critical updates]

Examples (Self-extracting file, 40.7 MB) [No critical updates]


The following documentation for SUTRA 2.1 is included with the software. It can also be downloaded separately using the link below.

Voss, C. I., and Provost, A.M., 2002 (Version of June 2, 2008), SUTRA, A model for saturated-unsaturated variable-density ground-water flow with solute or energy transport, U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 02-4231, 270 p.

SUTRA Documentation, Portable Document Format (PDF) (3.7 MB)

The SutraSuite Online User Reference web site provides additional information in a convenient, online format.

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