Sutra3DGUI.dll - PIE library (compiled)

README Feb. 25, 2014


SUTRA-GUI - Version: (2014/2/25)

Preprocessor and postprocessor graphical-user interface for preparing SUTRA input data and for viewing model output for use within Argus Open Numerical Environments (Argus ONE)

For assistance, enhancement requests, or bug reports contact Richard Winston via e-mail sent to See the file doc\sutra-gui.txt for descriptions, references, and additional information on this software. Instructions for installation and execution of this software are provided below.

SUTRA-GUI is implemented as a plug-in extension (PIE) for use with Argus ONE version 4. Although Argus ONE runs on a variety of computing platforms, the PIE for SUTRA is only available for systems running Microsoft Windows 9x or NT, 2000, XP, Vistas, or 7.

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SUTRA-GUI may be compiled with Borland Delphi Professional 7.0. However, it uses a number of components that are not distributed with Borland Delphi 5. These include

TArgusDataEntry by Richard B. Winston,

TRBWZoomBox by Richard B. Winston,

TASLink copyright Andrey Abakumov,

TVersionInfo Copyright WinWright Consulting.

TDataGrid 2.0 copyright EC Software, and

Components written by others are distributed, with permission of the copyright owners, along with the source code for the SutraGUI. These components must be installed before attempting to open or compile SUTRA-GUI. The source code for TRBWZoomBox is in the Compenents/ZOOMBOX directory of the source directory.



For whichever distribution file that you have acquired, the directory "SutraGUI" is created when the files are extracted from the distribution file. Any directory that exists from a previous SUTRA-GUI installation must be deleted first.

It is important that no prior version of SutraGUI remain installed because Argus ONE searches for and loads all PIEs found in the ArgusPIE directory of the Argus ONE installation. If an older version of SutraGUI is retained, that version could be used by Argus ONE instead of the newer SutraGUI version. Delete the directory of any previously-installed version of SutraGUI found in the ArgusPIE directory.

Using a utility program that recognizes the zip compressed format and that preserves long filenames, extract the files from the SutraGUI distribution file into the ArgusPIE directory of the existing installation of Argus ONE, e.g.,C:\Program Files\Argus Interware\ArgusPIE, being sure to set any options necessary to restore the directory structure stored in the distribution file.

SutraGUI directory will contain the following plug-in extension


Sutra3DGUI.dll - PIE library (compiled)
.dll - library to read SUTRA input files (compiled)
sutra22.met - export template; sutra.met is a text file.
Sutra GUI.chm- Help file

The executable version of SUTRA (sutra.exe) is assumed to be located in a directory with the pathname C:\sutra; the full pathname of the executable for SUTRA is assumed to be C:\sutra\sutra.exe. If the executable version of SUTRA is located in another directory, the correct path may be entered on the Configuration tab while running the program.

Several other accessory PIEs are used by SUTRA GUI. These include Sutra_JoinFiles.dll, GetMyDirectory.dll, Sutra_List.dll, OkCancel.dll, Sutra_ProgressBarPIE.dll, and Sutra_ReadFileValue.dll


After SUTRA-GUI is properly installed (see INSTALLING, above), the plug-in extensions will be automatically loaded when Argus ONE is launched.

The preprocessor is utilized by selecting the "New SUTRA Project..." menu item from the PIEs menu.

The postprocessor is utilized by selecting the "SUTRA Post Proc..." menu item from the PIEs menu.

Full instructions are given in the SUTRA-GUI documentation; see