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Online Guide to MODFLOW

If keyword “TABLEINPUT” is specified in item 1a then the following data are required, where 1 file is required for each lake:



1. Exactly 151 lines must be included within each lake bathymetry input file and each line must contain 1 value of lake stage, volume, and area (3 numbers per line) if the keyword “TABLEINPUT” is specified in item 1a. A separate file is required for each lake. Thus, if there are 4 lakes in a simulation then 4 lake bathymetry files are required. 151 values are required in each file to be consistent with the original Lake Package. See the definition of the keyword “TABLEINPUT” for more details.

Example LAK3 input file demonstrating the use of the TABLEINPUT functionality. The numbers are in free format. Comment lines are not supported. The following is an example of the beginning of a lake bathymetry file.

9.70000E+01 0.00000E+00 2.25000E+06 #Stage Volume Area 

9.96867E+01 6.04500E+06 2.25000E+06 

1.02373E+02 1.20900E+07 2.25000E+06 

1.05060E+02 1.81350E+07 2.25000E+06 

1.07747E+02 3.49267E+07 6.25000E+06 

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