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Two-dimensional method-of-characteristics ground-water flow and transport model

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Summary of MOC
Version history


UNIX, DOS, or Macintosh installation instructions (README file)
Download MOC for:
DOS (self-extracting PC zip file)
Sun (Gzip/tar file)
Silicon Graphics (Gzip/tar file)
Macintosh (BinHex self-extracting file)
Source code only for Sun (Gzip/tar file)

The Free Software Foundation's gunzip is necessary to uncompress the UNIX tar file
available above. 

Aladdin Systems' Stuffit Expander, a freeware product, is necessary to decode the Macintosh distribution file above.


USGS WRIR 94-4115, Portable Document Format (PDF) (3.6MB)

Konikow, L.F., Granato, G.E., and Hornberger, G.Z., 1994, User's guide to revised method-of-characteristics solute-transport model (MOC--Version 3.1): U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 94-4115, 63 p.
USGS TWRI Book 7, Chapter C2, Portable Document Format (PDF) (6.2MB)

Konikow, L.F., and Bredehoeft, J.D., 1978, Computer model of two-dimensional solute transport and dispersion in ground water:  U.S. Geological Survey Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations, book 7, chap. C2, 90 p.

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