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MF2005-FMP2 Version 1.0.00

Estimate dynamically integrated supply-and-demand components of irrigated agriculture as part of the simulation of surface-water and ground-water flow based on MODFLOW-2005.

Software (Version 1.0.00, Oct. 28 2009)

A readme.txt file containing information about the Microsoft Windows software distribution file.

MF2005-FMP2 compiled for Microsoft Windows XP, Vistas, 7

Contains compiled executable program, source code, and test problems.
[BINARY ICON]  mf2005fmp2v1_0_00.exe (24.2 Mb)


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The following reports documenting the Farm Process are available on-line. Other reports describing packages in MODFLOW-2005 are available from the MODFLOW-2005 web page.
Schmid, Wolfgang, and Hanson R.T., 2009, The Farm Process Version 2 (FMP2) for MODFLOW-2005 - Modifications and Upgrades to FMP1: U.S. Geological Survey Techniques in Water Resources Investigations, Book 6, Chapter A32, 102p. (

Schmid, Wolfgang, Hanson, R.T., Maddock, Thomas, III, Leake, S.A., 2006, User guide for the farm process (FMP1) for the U.S. Geological Survey’s modular three-dimensional finite-difference ground-water flow model, MODFLOW-2000: U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods 6-A17, 127 p.

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