Revision History GW_Chart

Version Date Description
Oct. 29 2015
Added display of farm budgets generated by the Farm Process in MODFLOW-OWHM. GW_Chart can not convert Zeta files that contain only a single Zeta surface. When reading formatted head or drawdown files, the procedure for reading the files can now read values written in the form 1.230000-308. Fixed bug in reading budgets data for SUTRA. Fixed bug in reading cell-by-cell budget files from MODFLOW that could cause GW_Chart to hang.
April 13, 2015
GW_Chart can now plot solute budget summaries from SEAWAT
GW_Chart can now plot time-series plots of concentration from MT3DMS.
Wnen plotting ._linp files, the user has more control over what is plotted.
Added ability to filter out values in ._os, ._ww, ._ws, and ._nm graphs.
When reading cell-by-cell flow files, if GW_Chart can not determine whether the file uses single or double precision automatically, it will ask the user which precision is used in the file and attempt to use that precision.
Nov 6, 2014
GW_Chart now plots budgets from the Seawater Intrusion package in MODFLOW.
GW_Chart now plots .svd, ._mcmc* ._mcmc_pred* and ._mcmc_grr files.
When plotting ._rc files, the data can now be plotted in the original order.
When reading SUTRA 2.1 and 2.2 observation files, the coordinates of the points are now part of the information that can be saved to a file.
When plotting ._linp file, the 1-standard deviation bar and the confidence intervals can be turned on or off independently.
Added ability to convert .zta file from the Seawater Intrusion package in MODFLOW.
Mar. 6, 2014
Added support for reading HYDMOD output.
Fixed reading formatted head and drawdown files for hydrographs for models with a single row.
Fixed bug GW_Chart reading ._so files when the plot symbol was less than or equal to zero.
Changed the legend for ._os, ._ws, and ._ww files to include groupnames if a ._gm file is available.
Jan. 28, 2014
Fixed bug that caused GW_Chart to hang if an invalid numeric code for a color was specified by the user in a Piper diagram.
Nov. 19, 2013
Fixed saving the percent discrepancy to files
Fixed bug in reading ._scgrp files when the composite scaled sensitivity is zero.
Fixed reading lake data from MODFLOW output files
Fixed bugs with various UCODE output files.
Changed angle of labels on bottom axis for ._scgrp plots
Fixed handling some errors in reading ._ files.
Implemented using ratio for ._sc_svd files.
Fixed reading parameter names that are 12 characters long.
April 8, 2013
Fixed bug getting time step from MODFLOW files.
Fixed bug displaying hydrographs.
Feb. 12, 2013
Fixed bug plotting ._scgrp data.
Feb. 8, 2013
Fixed bug in the option to plot residuals or weighted residuals vs time to the plot for _xyztwr files.
Jan. 31, 2013
Moved the option to plot residuals or weighted residuals vs time to the plot for _xyztwr files.
Changing the choice of which Plot Symbols to plot no longer causes the X and Y axes to rescale.
Jan. 14, 2013
Modified GW_Chart to read budgets from MT3DMS for models with multiple chemical components.
Added plot for _scgrp files.
Fixed the converting of certain MODFLOW budget files.
June 5, 2012
Fixed bug converting binary flow files to text files that would sometimes cause the conversion to fail.
Fixed bug in display of form for converting binary flow files.
April 19, 2012
The axis titles for calibratin plots are now in all capital letters
When displaying hydrographs and cell water budgets, there are now buttons to show or hide all the hydrographs on the plot.
Attempting to plot SUTRA observations no longer causes an access violation.
Fixed a bug in plotting MODFLOW budget results.
When converting cell budget files, the user can now select individual cells to be converted.
Changed reading MT3D observation files to treat the time step as a string so that files with 100,000 or more time steps can be read properly despite the time steps being printed as "*****".
When attempting to read an invalid cell-by-cell flow file, GW_Chart now displays a warning message about the problem.
Added .m3d to the file types recognized as MT3DMS listing files.
Reduced memory usage when reading water budgets from listing file.
Changed to allow _sc files wtih a new format to be read.
Fixed bug that caused GW_Chart to not read MODFLOW results properly with profile models.
Sept. 26, 2011
Some captions changed
In ._os files, the legend is now displayed
Binary budget files with the extension .bud are now recognized as such when being converted to text files.
Fixed access violation when closing GW_Chart
Fixed bug that caused incorrect values to be plotted for ._sd files if only the first N or last N values were to be plotted and N was set to 1.
Fixed bug that could cause an error if plotting parameters with ._sd files.
Jan. 28, 2011
Allowed pasting of text into table in Cell-by-cell flows form.
Improved consistency of graphs.
Changed some chart captions
Sept. 2, 2010
Improved speed with reading large files for hydrographs.
Corrected spelling of DFBETA to DFBETAS.
Changed to use consistent mapping of plot symbols to colors. June 15, 2010 Fixed bug reading budget data when a model only has one column. May 11, 2010 Fixed bug in saving hydrograph data. April 21, 2010 Added the ability to convert cell-by-cell budget files produced by MODFLOW to text files. Fixed axes on _ww chart. Now recognizes gage output files from MODFLOW generated when using ModelMuse. Dec. 23, 2009 Fixed bug reading .sc files. Sept. 16, 2009 Added support for the *._sc_svd file type. Fixed display of *._sd files when more than 15 series are present. With *._nm files, the user can now specify which plot symbols should be emphasized. With *._sd files, then most important series are displayed by default and the series can be more easily switched on and off. When plotting *._linp files, the user can now select the plot symbols that should be plotted. When plotting *._linp files, plot symbols are replaced by group names. Improved captions when plotting *._xyztwr files. Fixed bug assigning colors when a plot symbol is zero. Added the ability to read binary head and drawdown files. Fixed bug in selecting the data group to plot in *._linp files. Mar. 6, 2009 Added the ability to open "underscore" files specified as parameters on the command line when starting GW_Chart. Improved appearance of Piper diagrams. Jan. 27, 2009 Added ability to export times when exporting budget results. Added ability to read double-precision binary files created by sthe double-precision version of MODFLOW-2005. Fixed bug that could cause overflow errors when plotting results from _pc files in which extremely high or low upper or lower limits were specified. Added option to choose between plotting the upper and lower bounds from _pc files and not plotting them. Sept. 22, 2008 Added ability to choose which plot-symbols to plot with _ww files. Added ability to recognize .zblst files created by ZONEBUDGET 3.0. July 7, 2008 Added support plots for simulated values or residuals vs time with UCODE-2005. Fixed bug in handling of plot-symbol = 0. June 16, 2008 Added support for SUTRA version 2.1. May 9, 2008 Added new options for formatting graphs made from ._sc, ._rc, and ._so files and the files from OPR_PPR. Apr, 22, 2008 Added support for reading files from OPR-PPR. Added support for reading *._sppp, *._spsp, *._sppr, *._spsr, *._pcc, *._linp, *._intconf, *._intpred, and *._xyztwr files. Fixed bug reading MODFLOW hydrographs. Fixed bug reading MODFLOW budget data. Fixed bugs reading *._pa, *._rd and *._rg files. Fixed other bugs. Dec. 17, 2007 Replaced certain dialog boxes with controls in the Calibration Plots window. Changed several captions. Revised some calibration plots to show more information. Organized calibration plots into categories. Sept. 24, 2007 Added support for .opr and .ppr files. Fixed bug reading lake data. June 5, 2007 Budget plots with MODFLOW now plot time rather than stored time step if that information is stored in the file being read. Unsaturated Zone Flow (UZF) time-series results can now be plotted. The plot of _pc files has been changed to resemble fig. 15.1 of Hill and Tiedeman 2007. On Water budget plots, the user can now click on a data point to see the stress period and time step of that data point. Budget plots now start at 1 instead of 0 if the X-coordinates of the data are plotted as stored time steps rather than as a time. Each series in a budget plot now has a different symbol. The method of reading the Gage output file has been changed to reflect its changed structure. Budget data from the UZF package and from the unsaturated flow beneath stream in the SFR package is now plotted. April 10, 2007 Added support for reading UCODE-2005 *._so files. Added automatic detection of MODFLOW-2000 vs UCODE-2005 underscore files. Switched axes in plots of *._rd, *._rg, and *._nm files. Added ability to read flow from top, left and back faces of cells in MODLOW models. Modified FlowReader.dll to read budget files generated when IRCH in the Recharge package is incorrectly set to 0. Mar. 19, 2007 Added support for reading SEAWAT-2000 listing files when preparing plots of water budgets. Jan. 11, 2007 Fixed bug in reading Gage files. Converted help to .chm format for compatibility with Windows Vistas. Fixed bug reading ._pa files. Nov. 28, 2006 Fixed bug in which scrollbar was absent from table. Fixed bug that caused *._pc and *._rc files generated by UCODE-2005 could not be read correctly. Modified Budget plots so that line color and symbol are preserved when the data to plot are changed. May 16, 2006 Fixed bug that caused access violations. Fixed bug that caused points not to be labeled correctly. Dec. 6, 2005 Fixed reading SUTRA observation files. Adding support for reading UCODE-2005 files. Fixed access violation when no default printer was selected. July 28, 2005 Added support for plotting results from UCODE-2005 April. 12, 2005 Fixed specifying color of individual symbols based on PlotIndex in certain Calibration Plots. Nov. 22, 2004 Fixed saving hydrograph data to text files. Added capability of reading data from *._ss files and using the standard error from *._ss files in plotting data from *._ws files. Aug. 20, 2004 Fixed bug reading MT3DMS observation files. July 1, 2004 Updated Gage plots to support SFR package. Added support for calculating and displaying cumulative budgets with ZoneBudget. Apr. 1, 2004 Fixed bug in which names in *._os files were truncated by two characters and in which marks on data points could not be displayed. Feb. 2, 2004 Added support for reading *._pc files created by MODFLOW-2000. Added support for coloring X-axis labels in plots of dimensionless scaled sensivity against Observations in *._sd files created by MODFLOW-2000. Oct. 28, 2003 Added support for reading the "time" field in *._os files created by version 1.12 of MODFLOW-2000 and later versions. Sept. 29, 2003 Fixed problem displaying budget data after changing the source of the data. April 18, 2003 Fixed loading, saving, and editting of legend for Piper graph. April 15, 2003 Added new type of plot: Cell Water Budgets. Nov. 7, 2002 Fixed problem with exporting budget results from ZoneBudget when some stress periods have different budget terms than others. Sept. 27, 2002 Fixed typographical error. Aug. 15, 2002 Fixed bug in reading *._pa files in calibration plots. Revised plots of equivalent head in Sutra 2D/3D to read elevation from the observation output file. July 26, 2002 Added support for creating graphs of HST3D budget data. July 2, 2002 Fixed bug in calculating size of symbols in Piper diagrams. May 24, 2002 Added option to specify the spacing of grid lines in Piper diagrams. May 9, 2002 Fixed bug in reading certain data. Mar 12, 2002 Added option to create hydrographs of heads for Hydrogeologic Units in the HUF package. Mar 5, 2002 Added option to plot hydrographs of equivalent head with SUTRA. July 11, 2001 Fixed bug in plots of ._nm files in which data were plotted on the wrong axes. June 14, 2001 Allowed users to change the Legend text with hydrographs. June 14, 2001 Fixed bug with selection of file for hydrograph observations with SUTRA. April 19, 2001 Fixed bug with display of tick labels on the X-axis with *._b files. Mar 3, 2001 Fixed bug with display of symbols for MODFLOW-2000 when the plot symbol equaled 5. Feb 27, 2001 Minor changes in text to include GWT as an alternate to MOC3D. Feb 13, 2001 Revised methods for editting charts. Other minor changes. Oct 24, 2000 support reading gages with new stream package. Minor changes to menus. Aug. 25, 2000 *._ws calibration plots changed to use standard error of regression as increment on y-axis. Behavior during minimization improved. Aug. 21, 2000 Initial release

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