Reston Biogeochemical Processes in Groundwater Laboratory

Dr. Mary Jo Baedecker, Scientist Emeritus

Dr. Mary Jo Baedecker

Scientist Emeritus


George Washington University, PhD in Geochemistry, 1985, University of Kentucky, MS, 1967 Vanderbilt University BS 1964 in Chemistry.

Research Interests

Mary Jo has focused on elucidating the fundamental electron-transfer processes at work as organic compounds degrade in subsurface environments. She is an expert at understanding complex hydrogeologic systems where organic matter is driving redox reactions. Mary Jo’s sustained research at the Bemidji site, a crude-oil contaminated aquifer in Minnesota represents one of the earliest comprehensive bodies of work on the biogeochemical evolution of a contaminated aquifer, and led to international recognition of the importance of natural attenuation processes in understanding the environmental fate of contaminants.