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US Geological Survey / National Park Service - Water Quality Partnership


Water Quality Partnership

This element of the National Water Quality Program empowers U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientists and National Park Service (NPS) resource managers to work in partnership to support a broad range of policy and management needs related to high-priority water-quality issues in national parks. The Partnership was initiated in 1998 as part of the Clean Water Action Plan, a Presidential initiative to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Clean Water Act.

Partnership projects are developed jointly by the USGS and the NPS. Studies are conducted by the USGS with NPS assistance and findings are used by the NPS to guide policy and management actions aimed at protecting and improving water quality. To date, 233 partnership projects have been implemented in 121 national park units with over 205 reports and articles published to communicate project findings.

Cape Cod  Yellowstone  Lake Mead  2018 SELECTED PROJECTS Congaree  Mojave  Olympic  Lassen Volcanic 

Water-quality control (nutrient limitation) of harmful algal blooms (“red tides”) in coastal embayments of Cape Cod National Seashore USGS New England Water Science Center
Change in Anthropogenic-Bioactive-Chemical Exposure and Effects on Colorado River Fish Populations Within and Upstream of CANY Before and After Moab, Utah WWTF Upgrade USGS Colorado Water Science Center
Molecular Source Tracking of Enteric Bacteria in 303d-Listed Cedar Creek Watershed Congaree National Park USGS South Atlantic Water Science Center
Assessment of beach-spawning habitat restoration on dissolved oxygen, groundwater upwelling, and egg survival of Lake Ozette Sockeye, OLYM USGS Washington Water Science Center
Pipestone National Monument Water-Quality Assessment USGS Minnesota Water Science Center
Orthophosphate release rates from sediments above the water line at Lake Mead - will a rise in lake levels trigger a harmful algal bloom? USGS Nevada Water Science Center
National Park Service/USGS Water Quality Partnership Evaluating Potential Refugia for the Endangered Mohave Tui Chub USGS Nevada Water Science Center
Rapid-Assessment Test Strips for Determining Cyanotoxin Presence in Algal Blooms USGS Minnesota Water Science Center
Are Mountain Lakes on a Trajectory of Rapid Eutrophication toward Harmful Algal Blooms? (ROMO, SEKI, SIEN, YOSE) USGS Ft. Collins Science Center
Occurrence of the Pathogen Naegleria fowleri in National Park Hot Springs: Environmental factors, Visitor Safety, and Management Actions (GRTE, LAKE, YELL) USGS Wyoming-Montana Water Science Center

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