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Heinz Center Report--The State of the Nation's Ecosystems

About the Heinz Center Report

The U.S. Geological Survey provided information used in the following sections of the Heinz Center report: Water-quality data provided by the National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program are stored in a central warehouse and are available to download via the Web. Detailed analytic methods and links to the final datasets can be found by selecting the appropriate link below.

  Streams Stream Sediments Freshwater Fish Tissue Ground water
Chapter 4--Core National Indicator--Chemical Contamination Nitrate, (ammonia), pesticides Organochlorine pesticides, Total PCB's, PAHs and other semivolatile organic compounds Organochlorine pesticides, Total PCB's Nitrate, Pesticides, VOC's, (trace elements)
Chapter 6--Farmlands Nitrate, Phosphorus, and pesticides     Nitrate and pesticides
Chapter 7--Forests Nitrate      
Chapter 8--Freshwater Systems Phosphorus      
Chapter 10--Urban/Suburban Areas Nitrate (ammonia), phosphorus, pesticides     Nitrate, Pesticides, VOC's, (trace elements)

Note: constituents in parenthesis ( ) were used only for the preparation of the exceedance plots but not in the occurrence plots.

Nutrients in streams and ground water Pesticides in streams and ground water  Volatile organic compounds in ground water (VOC's) Trace elements in ground water Pesticides, PCB's, PAHs and other organic compounds in stream sediments Pesticides, PCB's  and trace elements in freshwater fish tissue

Detailed information on the occurrence and significance of nutrients and contaminants in the Nation's water resources is available on the National Water-Quality Assessment Web page. In addition to the data analyzed for this report, data collected as part of the NAWQA program but not included in this analysis and subsequent data collected from study units begun in 1997 are available from the NAWQA data warehouse. 

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NAWQA data warehouse


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