Opinion SurveyHandling your water crisis:
Buy water from another source

What happens if you can't build a new reservoir, drill any wells, or stop development? If you've got the money (or can raise taxes and still get re-elected) maybe you can buy water from another city, county, or state and have it shipped to you. If you live in southern California, you know this does actually happen. If you've got the cash, you can build an aqueduct or lay pipes to transport the water.

Let's look at some Ups and Downs of this option.

Buying water increases the supply -- you will have more water.

You have to pay for the water! Where do you get the money and how good of a deal is it?

You have to build a system to transport the water to you.

Your neighbors might not have enough water for themselves, so they aren't able to sell you any spare water.

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