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Water Questions & Answers
Which states use the most water?

More than one-fourth of the total water used in the United States in 2005 was withdrawn in California, Texas, Idaho, and Florida. California accounted for 11 percent of all withdrawals in the United States in 2005. Nearly three-fourths of the freshwater withdrawn in California was for irrigation, and 98 percent of saline water withdrawn was for thermoelectric-power generation. Withdrawals in Texas accounted for about 7 percent of the national total and were primarily for thermoelectric power and irrigation. Thermoelectric power accounted for 41 percent of freshwater withdrawals and 60 percent of saline withdrawals in Texas. Irrigation accounted for 33 percent of the freshwater withdrawals in Texas in 2005. Water withdrawals in Idaho were primarily for irrigation (85 percent) and aquaculture (13 percent). Almost two-thirds of the total withdrawals in Florida were saline water for thermoelectric power. Of Florida's freshwater withdrawals, 45 percent were for irrigation and 37 percent were for public supply.

Map of U.S., by state, showing amount of groundwater withdrawals, in million gallons per day.