Drip Accumulator: How much water does a leaking faucet waste?Challenge Question #4
Drip Accumulator: How much water does a leaking faucet waste?

Check your faucets at home -- do any of them drip? Well, maybe it's just a small drip -- how much water can a little drip waste? True, a single drip won't waste much water. But think about each faucet in your home dripping a little bit all day long. What if every faucet in every home on your block ... in your town ... in your state also dripped? The drips would add up to a flood of water wasted down the drain.

According to expert scientific investigation (I collected drips in a measuring glass!) a small drip has a volume of about 1/3 of a milliliter (0.33 ml). So, by my estimates, there are about 3,000 drips in a liter of water. A gallon is equal to 3.7854 liters, so, by the math (3,000 times 3.7854), we have about 11,350 drips per gallon.

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