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     The National Water Information System (NWIS) is the Nation's principal repository of water resources data. It includes data from more than 1.5 million sites, some in operation for more than 100 years. Most NWIS data can be accessed directly at
     The USGS Water Data Explorer searches a cached (December 2008) subset of most flow, level, and water-quality data from NWIS for streams, ground water, lakes, reservoirs, springs, and estuaries.
     Other water data may be available. Try contacting a local USGS Water Science Center.

Select sites which meet all of the following criteria (You must select a site type, state OR hydrologic region, and parameter grouping):
(stream, lake, spring, precipitation, ..) Site type

Alabama, Alaska, ... State/Territory (help selecting multiple items)   OR   Major rivershed (New England, Mid-Atlantic, Upper Mississippi, ..) Hydrologic Region (help selecting multiple items)

All Parameters in selected groups -- (cont.) = Continuous recording data expressed as daily means.

Select sites with a period of record that includes given dates -- select sites where the period of data record overlaps with the period entered below. (Note: Sites can sometimes meet this criterion without actually having observations during the date range entered because we are searching a summarized data set. Both the begin date and end date are optional.)   OR   Select sites with more than a minimum number of observations
Must have some data before [mm/dd/yyyy]: Click to view calendar AND
Must have some data after [mm/dd/yyyy]: Click to view calendar

Site names generally include river and lake names. For wells it can be the local number Site Name -- (optional -- leave blank to not use, option not available in searching for Ground Water & Spring sites)
match from the start    match any part

Enter how deep or how shallow of a well to search on Well depth -- enter values in one or both fields (optional -- leave blank to not use, only applies to Ground Water sites, option not available in searching for Stream/River sites)
Well depth: Not all ground-water sites have information on well depth. Such sites will not be retrieved using this search criteria.
less than feet below land surface.

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