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Generate OTIS Input Files

As described in the OTIS documentation, model parameters and simulation options are specified using several input files. These input files are often developed on the user's local computer system using a text-based editor. As an alternative, users may fill out the web-based forms on the screens that follow. After providing the required information, users can download the resultant input files and run OTIS in the usual manner.

Note: Web-based generation of the input files is limited to the control, parameter, and flow files associated with OTIS — preparation of the STARPAC and data input files associated with OTIS-P must be completed using a text editor. In addition, note that input file generation is limited to the case of a single solute (NSOLUTE=1) and steady flow (QSTEP=0).

Scripts for input file generation developed by Zac Vohs and Tamara Wood.