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Summary of SYSDOC

       sysdoc - System documentation for Fortran source code

       The SYSDOC program is used to produce detailed documentation
       directly from Fortran source code.  The program produces text files
       summarizing programs, subroutines, functions, and common blocks and
       includes details on the links between them.  SYSDOC can be used to
       analyze standard Fortran 77 that conforms to the conventions
       described in the documentation.  The program recognizes two
       extensions to the Fortran 77 standard, include files and lower case.

       Version 1.0 1996/03/01

       Source code must be ANSI Fortran 77 compliant and must conform to
       the conventions described in the documentation.  Each main program,
       subroutine, and function should include comments describing the
       purpose of the routine and each input argument. The program cannot
       process PARAMETER Statements that contain nested parenthesis.
       SYSDOC can process include files.

       For each program, subroutine, and (or) function included, the report
       may contain (1) routine name; (2) routine type, order number in the
       source file, and the name of the source file; (3) description of the
       purpose of the routine; (4) for each argument, the order number,
       name, data type and size, the input/modify/output status, and a
       description; (5) usage of common block variables; (6) list of any
       called routines, both intrinsics and externals; and (7) list of any
       other routines in the report that call the routine.  Optional index
       files may also be generated.

       SYSDOC is written in Fortran 77 with the following extension: use of
       include files. The UTIL library from LIB is required to recompile.
       For more information, see System Requirements in LIB.

       Flynn, K.M., Kittle, J.L., Jr., and Lumb, A.M., 1994, A Fortran
          coding convention for use in the U.S. Geological Survey, Water
          Resources Division:  U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report
          94-501, 64 p.

       Operation and Distribution:
          U.S. Geological Survey
          Hydrologic Analysis Software Support Program
          437 National Center
          Reston, VA 20192

       Official versions of U.S. Geological Survey water-resources analysis
       software are available for electronic retrieval via the World Wide
       Web (WWW) at:


       and via anonymous File Transfer Protocol (FTP) from:

         (path: /pub/software).

       The WWW page and anonymous FTP directory from which the SYSDOC
       software can be retrieved are, respectively:


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