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Summary of LIBUTL

       libutl - Utility libraries for simulation models

       The DADIO library is the set of routines that interface with a Time-
       Dependent Data Base (TDDB) to list the index of data and attributes
       of the TDDB and to store and retrieve data in a TDDB.

       The Query library is used as a common set of routines for opening
       files, manipulating time, putting queries on standard out,
       interpreting user responses to those queries, and retrieving the
       system date and time.

       The libcalgk and libcalin libraries are used as a common set of
       routines for converting CalComp graphics calls to GKS and INTERACTER
       calls, respectively.  They include a set of symbol and marker
       routines for generating characters and symbols using line segments.

       These libraries were developed for use with various surface-water
       application programs.  LIBUTL software is used with BRANCH, CGAP,
       TDDS, and SWIFT2D software.  The DADIO library is used with BRANCH
       and TDDS; the Query library and the CalComp libraries are used with
       all four  applications.  A text file describing many of the
       subroutines is included in the distribution.

       Version 6.0 1997/02/05 - Restructured graphics library code groups.
          Added new library to convert CalComp graphics references to
          INTERACTER references, which allows for hard-copy output of

       Version 5.6 1996/08/12 - Fixed incorrect interpretation of warning
          flags for integer*2 stage data in DADIO routines.  Added check to
          be sure file for capturing user reponses is open on unit 83 in
          routine FMUSER.  Added Lahey F90 compiler dependencies.

       Version 5.5 1996/04/22 - Release for wrdapp tape 3.  Added DADIO
          parameter V (cross-sectional velocity), changed parameter codes
          U, V, and W to PU, PV, and PW (point velocities), added DADIO
          return codes 17 (codes 4 & 10) and 18 (codes 4, 10, & 11), and
          provided work-around for Prior GKS not initializing CGM device

       Version 5.4 1996/03/01 - DADIO parameter type codes and definitions
          updated four new parameters added.  Maximum number of data sets
          in a TDDB changed from 465 to 476.  Added new routine DADSUM to
          main DADIO interface, this routine creates the index summaries of
          a TDDB.  Added system dependent routines for Silicon Graphics
          workstations.  Added self-documenting headers for routines to
          automatically generate a programmers reference guide (SYSDOC

       Version 4 - First release where these libraries were grouped into
          single distribution, rather than bundled with the programs that
          used them.

       LIBUTL is written in Fortran 77 with the following extensions:  use
       of integer*2 declarations, use of include files, variable names
       longer than 6 characters, use of underscores in variable names, and
       reference to compiler-dependent system date and time routines.
       Graphics are coded using CalComp graphics calls.  Graphics libraries
       are included to convert the CalComp graphic references to Graphical
       Kernel System (GKS) library references and Interactive Software
       Services's INTERACTER library references.  Generally, the program is
       easily installed on most computer systems that have access to one of
       the mentioned graphics libraries.  The code has been used on UNIX-
       based computers and DOS-based 386 or greater computers having a math
       coprocessor and 4 mb of memory.

       A subroutine reference guide is provided in the distribution.

       Operation and Distribution:

          U.S. Geological Survey
          Hydrologic Analysis Software Support Program
          437 National Center
          Reston, VA 20192

       Official versions of U.S. Geological Survey water-resources analysis
       software are available for electronic retrieval via the World Wide
       Web (WWW) at:


       and via anonymous File Transfer Protocol (FTP) from:

         (path: /pub/software).

       The WWW page and anonymous FTP directory from which the LIBUTL
       software can be retrieved are, respectively:


       branch(1) - One-dimensional Branch-network flow model
       cgap(1) - Channel Geometry Analysis Program
       swift2d - Surface-Water Integrated Flow and
                    Transport model in Two Dimensions
       tdds(1) - Time-Dependent Data System

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