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Summary of LIB

       lib - A collection of related libraries for use in hydrologic

             See these individual libraries for more information:

             aide(1)  - ANNIE Interactive Development Environment
                        (character based)
             graph(1) - interface to Graphical Kernel System (GKS)
             util(1)  - manipulating character strings, numbers, and dates
             wdm(1)   - Watershed Data Management (WDM) file system
       A collection of related libraries that provides a data base (WDM),
       graphics, and interactive user interface (AIDE) for hydrologic
       applications.  These libraries have been used with a number of
       applications, including BRANCH, DAFLOW, DR3M, HSPF, PRMS (WDM and
       UTIL), and IOWDM (AIDE, WDM, and UTIL).  The ADWDM library contains
       routines shared by the WDM and AIDE libraries.

       Routines for interactively displaying, manipulating, and
       statistically analyzing data stored in WDM files are contained in
       the WAIDE, ANN, STATS, and AWSTAT libraries.

       Routines for HSPEXP, HSPF, and other programs are contained in the
       HSPF, NEWAQT, and HSPNODSS libraries.

       Version 3.2 1998/06/29 - Modified import utility (wdimpt.f) to
          correctly read in export files.  With version 3.2 dated
          1998/03/06, exported data files could have data values in
          12-character fields, but only 11 of these characters were being
          read.  This has been fixed.

       Version 3.2 1998/03/06 - Modified util/utdate.f to correct problem
          with determining the earliest or latest date from an array of
          dates.  Modified wdm/wdimpt.f to clarify a warning message.
          Modified hspf/, which had a dimension that limited the
          number of quality constituents that could be modeled.  Modified
          adwdm/attr251.seq and attr401.seq for changes related to swstat
          program.  Modified wdm/wdexpt.f to change the precision of data
          values exported from wdm time-series data sets.  Modified
          awstat/tscmpr.f to correctly calculate total mean absolute error
          and root mean square error (both percents).

       Version 3.1 1996/12/11 - In UTIL, corrected how function CNVTDG
          converted degree-minute-second latitudes and longitudes to
          decimal degrees.  In WDM, added new subroutine WDBSGL to retrieve
          latitude and longitude from a data set.

       Version 3.0 1996/03/01 - Include file names changed to lower case.
          In UTIL, renamed routines that return current date and time,
          date, and time to SYDATM, SYDATE, and SYTIME, respectively (had
          been DATNOW, JULDAT, and GETIME). In WDM, corrected the valid
          minimum for attribute JANMIN (changed from 0.0 to no lower
          limit). In AIDE, increased maximum number of fields on a screen
          from 60 to 180.  File type data field added.

       Version 2.1 1994/08/11 - Updates.

       Version 2.0 1994/05/27 - General release.

       Version 1.0 1992 - General release, ported to UNIX platform.

       NOTE: Version numbers and dates are for the entire LIB set of
             libraries.  A new version does not necessarily indicate that
             all of the libraries have changed.

       UTIL, ADWDM, WDM, AIDE, STATS, and GRAPH are written in Fortran 77
       with the following extension: use of include files. A few routines
       used for screen addressing and file access are platform specific
       (AIDE, ADWDM, and UTIL); these routines use Posix-compliant (ANSI C
       and (or) compiler-supplied extensions to Fortran (Lahey and OTG
       versions provided). The UTIL library contains three routines that
       call date and (or) time routines, versions for several compilers are

       The graph library is written using the Graphical Kernel System
       (GKS); a user-supplied GKS library is required to build the library.
       A set of routines that translates the GKS calls to Interactive
       Software Services's INTERACTER calls is provided.

       The WDM and AIDE libraries require the ADWDM and UTIL libraries.
       The GRAPH library requires STATS and UTIL libraries.

       ANN, AWSTAT, and WAIDE are written in Fortran 77 with the following
       extension: use of include files.  These libraries require the GRAPH,
       STATS, AIDE, WDM, ADWDM, and UTIL libraries in LIB.

       HSPF, NEWAQT, and HSPNODSS are written in Fortran 77 with the
       following extension: use of include files. The HSPF library requires
       the WDM, ADWDM, UTIL, and HSPNODSS libraries in LIB. The HSPNODSS
       library requires the HSPF library. The NEWAQT library requires the
       HSPF, AWSTAT, ANN, WAIDE, GRAPH, WDM, ADWDM, and UTIL libraries.

       Subroutine reference guides are provided in the distribution.

       Kittle, J.L., Jr., Hummel, P.R., and Imhoff, J.C., 1989, ANNIE-IDE,
          A system for developing interactive user interfaces for
          environmental models (programmers guide):  U.S. Environmental
          Protection Agency, EPA/600/3-89/034, Environmental Research
          Laboratory, Athens, Ga., 166 p.
       The GRAPH library is written using the GKS standard.  An
       implementation of GKS is required for the UNIX platform.  The PC
       version includes a set of routines that translate GKS calls to
       Interactive Software Services's INTERACTER calls.

       GKS libraries are available from a number of vendors.  Free or
       shareware versions are available via anonymous ftp to:

 in /pub/unix/graphics/gligks
                                     gligks-4.5.[17 18].tar.gz
                                    (works under linux, sun, aix, osf,
                                     pc (Lahey FORTRAN))

 in /pub/xgks
       Operation and Distribution:
          U.S. Geological Survey
          Hydrologic Analysis Software Support Program
          437 National Center
          Reston, VA 20192

       Official versions of U.S. Geological Survey water-resources analysis
       software are available for electronic retrieval via the World Wide
       Web (WWW) at:


       and via anonymous File Transfer Protocol (FTP) from:

         (path: /pub/software).

       The WWW page and anonymous FTP directory from which the LIB software
       can be retrieved are, respectively:


       The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency documentation is available
          National Center for Environmental Publications
             and Information (NCEPI)
          P.O. Box 42419
          Cincinnati, OH 45242
          (513) 489-8190
          (513) 489-8695 (Fax)

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