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Summary of DISDATA

       disdata - Data entry for fluvial sediment discharge program

       DISDATA allows for keyboard entry and modification of measured
       discharge and bed-material particle size data and storage into a
       direct-access file for input to the SEDDISCH program.

       DISDATA allows the user to create, add to, modify, or list a direct-
       access file that is read by SEDDISCH.

       Version 1.3 1998/01/16 - Original program as ported and code clean-
          up for use on UNIX workstations.

       Data are input interactively in a conversational fashion.  The
       following data are prompted for by DISDATA to form the SEDDISCH data
            measurement location
            top width
            mean depth
            mean velocity
            water-surface slope
            water temperature
            particle size, in millimeters, at which the 35, 50, 65,
               and 90 percent by weight is finer (enter zero if not

       Bed-material particle size data are entered depending on the value
       of the option code selected at the start of the run.  One option is
       that no size distribution data are to be entered.  Zero values are
       given to the percent-in-class variables for the size fractions.  The
       other two options are to enter the size data as percent-finer values
       or as percent-in-class values.

       DISDATA is written in Fortran 77.  Generally, the program is easily
       installed on most computer systems.  The code has been used on UNIX-
       based computers and DOS-based 386 or greater computers having a math
       coprocessor and 1 mb of memory.

       Stevens, H.H., and Yang, Chih Ted, 1989, Summary and use of selected
          fluvial sediment-discharge formulas: U.S. Geological Survey
          Water-Resources Investigations Report 89-4026, 121 p.

       Operation and Distribution:
          U.S. Geological Survey
          Hydrologic Analysis Software Support Program
          437 National Center
          Reston, VA 20192

       Official versions of U.S. Geological Survey water-resources analysis
       software are available for electronic retrieval via the World Wide
       Web (WWW) at:


       and via anonymous File Transfer Protocol (FTP) from:

         (path: /pub/software).

       The WWW page and anonymous FTP directory from which the SEDDISCH
       software can be retrieved are, respectively:


       mepdata(1) - Data entry program for modein
       modein(1) - Total sediment discharge program using modified
                   Einstein procedure
       seddisch(1) - Fluvial sediment discharge program
       sedsize(1) - Particle-size statistics of fluvial sediments
       sizedata(1) - Data entry program for sedsize

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